Celebrate all your wins with Sucré

If you come to think of it, the person that is hardest on you is yourself. You often say give credit where credit is due, but here you are not giving yourself the credit you deserve; and we get that, because that’s how we are with ourselves sometimes, too. Why do we consider celebrating only when we have done something so big? With that question living in our head rent-free for some time now, we decided to celebrate even the little things in our life and we hope you could join us, too, because we got you the perfect place to celebrate even your small wins with!

Sucré is a local business that believes in celebrating the little things which is exactly what we are trying to do and now you are trying to as well. Offering decadent cakes and delectable cookies, Sucré is ready to give you more than just that encouraging tap on your shoulder, because what they are giving you are homemade treats baked with love.

Hype yourself up with layers of different textures and flavors that are of spiced carrot cake, cream cheese icing, and pecan crunch. Their Carrot Crunch (6″ Php 1250 | 8″ Php 1850) is far from being boring as this one is an absolute yum and an adventure to your mouth.

Speaking of layers, their 5-Layer Chocolate Cake (7″ Php 1650 | 9″ Php 2500) undeniably is filled with that. Its name is even a total giveaway! This one is cakey, creamy, crunchy, chocolatey, and even topped with their crowd favorite, Dark Chocolate Macarons.

Want to tone down the layers, but still stay on the exciting zone? Their Ube Custard (6″ Php 1100 | 8″ Php 1650) fits that brief, no doubt! With two layers of silky leche flan in between soft ube chiffon, tell us, what’s not to love about this one? Nothing, because you are going to love everything!

You really won’t be able to contain yoir love for Sucré, because they even have cookies for you to munch on! Visit Sucré’s Facebook and Instagram Pages to find out how you could keep on celebrating all your wins.

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