Celebrate and Cheer Life with Kingsford Hotel’s Zabana Bar

Are you flying to Manila anytime soon? Looking for a posh place to more than just crash? Or perhaps you are already in Manila and you feel like you are in need of a breather? Want to relax with a drink in hand? Well, we have got the perfect spot for you – the Zabana Bar of Kingsford Hotel!

Kingsford Hotel Zabana Bar
Kingsford Hotel Zabana Bar

Kingsford Hotel is Megaworld’s newest hotel destination, and if you know Megaworld, then you know you are in for a treat! With the promise to treat you no less than a royalty, Kingsford Hotel is designed for a majestic travel lifestyle which includes you dining and drinking like a king.

Kingsford Hotel Zabana Bar

That said, if you want to just recharge and delight in some reinvigorating and delectable drinks, then you can definitely lean onto Kingsford Hotel’s Zabana Bar! Offering a variance of refreshing drinks, from non-alcoholics such as sodas, juices, and shakes, to classic red and white wines and cocktails, Zabana Bar is more than ready to quench your thirst for a good time. 


If you are here to set the tone to “fun”, then we suggest you start with their Cosmopolitan. Made with vodka, cranberry, lime, and sugar, this drink will absolutely turn any somber moment into a playful one. 


However, if you want something to calm your nerves first before anything else, then their Margarita is the way to go! This one is made with tequila, lime, lime juice, and triple sec and so its refreshing fruity charm will no doubt shoo away all your worries. 


Here to shoo away more of your worries, grab yourself a glass of their Daquiri. As this one is made with white rum, lime juice, and sugar syrup, every sip will undeniably give you that clean and fresh gratification you know you deserve!


Another neat and crisp drink you need to get your hands onto is Zabana Bar’s Mojito. This minty cocktail is perfect if you need a drink that will liven up your mood as this is made with mint, lime fruit, lime juice, rum, and sugar syrup. 

Cucumber Smush

Zabana Bar will only continue to amaze you as they actually are constantly releasing new yummy drinks to satisfy your cravings for high spirits. Their recent one is an easy favorite of ours and it is none other than their Cucumber Smush. This new addition is made with rum, cucumber, apple juice, triple sec, and sugar syrup. Just the perfect mix to keep us relaxed but also excited!

Kingsford Hotel Zabana Bar

If you are ready to make a bash and just let yourself loosen up even just a bit, then Zabana Bar is here to help you with that. Trust us, they know how to give a good time, so what else are you waiting for? Visit them at Kingsford Hotel today!

Kingsford Hotel Zabana Bar

To know more about Zabana Bar, you can follow Kingsford Hotel’s Facebook, Instagram, and Website for more details. 

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