Celebrate Christmas with Something New and Awesome: Holaday Boards from Gringo’s!

Trust me, it’s muy, muy delicioso!

You know that it’s almost Christmas when the -ber months hit, you hear Jose Mari Chan songs playing in malls, and you see Christmas trees and tons of tinsel being put up.

And what better way to spend the Yuletide season that with your loved ones?

Now that the holidays (or should I say Holadays) are fast approaching, you definitely need to be on the lookout for a place big enough to fit your family and friends for that Christmas dinner. And with a big place comes big, hearty meals that are guaranteed to keep everyone nice and stuffed.

One such place that fits the bill is none other than Gringo.

Gringo is a homegrown restaurant that started out on 2016 with its first-ever branch at SM North EDSA. This potluck-style joint is really a place for celebrations and milestones, since they specialize in barbecued meats and sides that come in equally large portions— perfect for large groups of people. And with the help of their flavorful flame-grilled chicken and fall-off-the-bone BBQ ribs, Gringo skyrocketed to fame with 19 branches to date.

Keeping up with their promise to fill the hearts (and bellies) of people of all ages, the ever-so friendly amigo Gringo has been busy whipping up exciting and delicious goodies for the holidays. And that includes a very special Lechon Cubano— a slow-roast Cuban-style lechon belly marinaded in a mixture of spices and aromatics. The result is a combination of crunchy skin and tender meat in the inside, with flavors that seep all the way down to the bone.

Quite unlike the Manila-style lechon that we are accustomed too, this Cuban lechon comes with an earthy Chimichurri sauce that’s both garlicky and refreshing to enhance the meat’s overall taste. It comes in 3 sizes: the Chikito (good for one), Pepito (good for two to three) and the Bendito (good for four to five). And for office or potluck parties, you can even avail their Fiesta size, which is good for eight people!

But that’s not all! With the help of his friends Sancho and Buena, Gringo curated a super special, fully loaded set of Holaday boards.

Holaday Boards

Celebrations are more fun with friends! That’s why these Holaday boards were made big— good for five to six people.

1. Sancho Board (PHP2,680)

Showcasing his love for meat, the Sancho board is as macho and meaty as it gets. His choice even includes his new favorite menu item— the Lechon Cubano— along with bestselling classics courtesy of Gringo.

2. Buena Board (PHP2,640)

This seafood lover puts the spotlight on the Tilapia Fingers: deep-fried fish fritters served with a lemony Salsa Verde.

So, are you Team Sancho or Team Buena? No matter which one you choose, these boards come fully loaded with Gringo’s bestsellers. These include:

  • A Whole Original Chicken: roasted chicken delicately seasoned with rosemary and herbs. It’s tender, flavorful and meaty!
  • BBQ Ribs: finger-licking yummy goodness with meat that slides off the bone. Sauce is tangy and sweet.
  • Adobo Blackmole Soft Tacos: shredded savory pork adobo with a creamy slaw, encased in a flour tortilla.
  • Creamy Dory Soft Tacos: deep-fried bits of sour-spicy dory fish with a creamy slaw— all tucked nicely in a flour tortilla.
  • Rice: choose from three options— plain, garlic or Mexican. The garlic rice is very flavorful, sinfully oily and soft.
  • Pitcher of House-brewed Iced Tea: a refreshing drink with undernotes of mango.

But any great meal isn’t complete without dessert! Gringo and his friends knew that— which is why they added a limited-edition dessert that’s off the menu!

And that’s the Ube de Queso! A sweet and creamy ube pudding topped with cream and salty, grated cheddar cheese.

With all these and more, Gringo is definitely a great place to be in. Say ola to good times and good food— only at Gringo!

Can’t get enough of their Lechon Cubano!

Follow Gringo on Facebook and Instagram. For advanced orders, reservations, functions and events, you can email them at customercare@gringo.ph. You can even earn points with every purchase and redeem exclusive rewards from Gringo when you download the McWilson app for free in Apple Store or Google Play.

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