Celebrate the Little Things with Food Panda


Sometimes we allow ourselves to be driven and distracted with big goals every New Year. This 2017, Food Panda wants to tell people that it’s ok to start the year by appreciating everything more and celebrate the little things.


People nowadays tend to focus more on accomplishing what they want and just work so hard even if it takes a million steps to achieve their goals. Sometimes we fail to notice that little things also do matter. Start your everyday with a celebration. Celebrate the fact that you’re alive. Take a few moments every morning to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, feel the warmth and enjoy the comfort.

From January 16 until February 12, around 1, 500 customers every week will receive nice little gifts from foodpanda to give them more reasons to celebrate this New Year. The gift vouchers will be randomly inserted to random delivery bags every day!



Celebrate when your clothes still fit after a long Christmas and New Year vacation and enjoy more for Zalora will be giving away P300 worth of discount vouchers for a minimum purchase of P1,500.00 from January 16th to 22nd; or when you thought you pulled out all your ordered food but found fries at the bottom of the bag, Celebrate! Well, it’s fries so who would not? You can double the fun anyway, for Potato Corner will be giving free minor fries for Food Panda customers from January 23rd to 29th. Celebrate when someone treats you with a dessert after a long, hot tiring day especially when it is from Icebergs who will be giving out free halo-halo to Food Panda customers from January 30th to February 5th. From all the shopping deals and foodie adventures, GRAB will be giving free ride from February 6th to 12th to complete the best little celebration ever.


“We at Food Panda believes that when you begin your year on celebrating the little things in life, it would help you become more positive and you are bound to have more joys and successes for the rest of the year,” says Iacopo Rovere, CEO of Food Panda Philippines.

Official Website: https://www.foodpanda.ph/



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