Chaela’s Cakes and Bakes continues to create cherished memories through their baked goodies

With the owner’s love for making moments special through their freshly baked desserts and pastries, Chaela’s Cakes and Bakes has been sharing and baking their classics while giving it seasonal twists at the same time. And with them living their goal, they surely have been part of many cherished memories ever since they opened. People have been buzzing how delectable their baked goodies are, and of course, we won’t let you be the last one to know about them!

We have gathered not one, not two, but three of Chaela’s Cakes and Bakes’ products. The three products we got for you are their bestsellers, because we wanted to find out what the buzz is all about and why these products are the crowd favorites.

First up is their famous Sea Salt Brownies (Box of 8 Php 300). This one has a fudgy and chocolatey bite to it, alongside some slight crunch, courtesy of its crispy top and shiny crackles that are actually salt flakes. This goodie will surely be your next go-to sweet and salty fix.

Following that is their awesome Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes (Box of 3 Php 180 | Box of 6 Php 350). A gluten-free treat with a crackly shiny top and soft and moist body. This one will absolutely have your heart in an instant, we are telling you.

The third and the last goodie we had from Chaela’s Cakes and Bakes is their well-loved Nama Fudge (Small Tray with 15 pcs Php 180 | Big Tray with 30 pcs Php 260). This one is a melt-in-your-mouth chocolatey experience that you should not miss out on. We think you are going to love it even more when it just got out of the chiller and it slowly melts as you take a bite.

Enjoy all these decadent treats by Chaela’s Cakes and Bakes! Visit their Facebook and Instagram for more information about them, their products, and how you could get your hands on them.

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