Chase the taste of the Land of the Morning Calm with Yoree Korean Dining

There’s no denying that Korea has the world fascinated with their songs, artists, lifestyle, and culture; wherein they also don’t forget to feature their mouthwatering dishes that each of us has been intrigued and wanting to try ever since! Don’t fret, because with Yoree Korean Dining all the daydreaming until we’re drooling, all the waiting until our eyes turn white, and all the chasing until we’re running out of breath is definitely over.


“To cook” is what Yoree means and that’s exactly what Yoree treats its customers to as it promises a gastronomic adventure serving Korean dishes and finest prime meats for an authentic Korean dining experience without buying plane tickets and flying to Korea. Yoree uses a smokeless grill which we are pretty sure people will be grateful for because who wants smelling like smoke, right? No one. Nobody Nothing. Nada. Zilch. You get the point.


As we start our chase for the taste of Korean cuisine, our first stop is Japchae (Php 198), sweet potato noodles cooked in papillote style with sautéed beef and vegetables. The noodles were cooked to perfection as it was not soggy, but smooth; and it goes really well with the tenderness of the meat and the crunch of the vegetables.


Tteokbokki (Php 248) absolutely made us feel as if we were at the mesmerizing streets of Korea the moment we started eating it as this one is a popular Korean street food made with rice cake, served with fish cake, shrimp tempura, and dumplings in spicy sauce.


As we were having the Jeonju Dolsot Bibimbab (Php 398), which is made of 15 fresh and quality ingredients in a stone bowl, we were as if in the meal scenes in different Korean dramas or series we have watched and fell in love with. This dish is absolutely packed with colors and flavors which helped complete our authentic Korean dining experience.


To have a bit of a break, we had Ripe Mango Smoothie (Php 128). Plus points for Yoree as this one was no doubt made with real mangoes and it definitely invigorated and freshen us all over as we continued our chase for the taste of Korea.




Next on our chasing adventure is one of our favorites, Woo Samgyeop (Php 398). The sliced USDA choice beef belly, brushed with sweet soy sauce and topped with spring onions is certainly one we would for sure vouch for because the meat was nothing but exquisite and it was so flavorful. Plus, you can eat it by wrapping it with fresh crunchy lettuce and add sides of your choice such as kimchi, eggplant, among others, which bring the dish in a whole different level of delicious.


Following this is the Bulgogi Kimbap (Php 298) which is Yoree’s signature beef bulgogi wrapped in steamed rice and seaweed with fresh vegetables. This one is like bite-sized meals in circular form which we totally take pleasure in eating as the ingredients go really well together – from the flavorful seaweed, to the sticky rice, and even down to the inner part of this bite-sized circle meal which are the crunchy vegetables.



And of course, this chase for the taste of Korea won’t be complete without cheese, so here is the Cheesy Dak Kanjeong (Php 798) which is good for two. This one is a round platter of sweet and spicy fried chicken with mozzarella and cheddar cheese served with sides such as corn and kimchi.


As to cool down from the different flavors, from salty to spicy, our next one is of course, a sweet one, which is the Mango Bingsu (Php 178). It is powdery iced snowflakes with mango. As lovers of sweets, this one is another crowd favorite. It’s creamy and milky and you would definitely see and taste that like their Ripe Mango Smoothie, they also used real, fresh mangoes.

Yoree has so much to offer as they are packed of authentic Korean dishes, their menu has seven categories which are best sellers, ala carte, barbeque, set meals, dessert, beverages, and kiddie meals that are so cute and fun since the plates are in the shape of animals and so the kids will surely enjoy their eating experience here. While for beverages, they have beers, cocktails, wine which you can get in a glass or by the bottle, frappe, tea, coffee, soda, iced tea, smoothie, and of course, soju.




They also have pastries and cakes from Boulangerie 22 if you have that sweet tooth.

Also, Yoree can house up to sixty people so individuals or families, groups of friends, and couples dine and go on a date here as if they really are in Korea, so what are you waiting for? Visit Yoree Korean Dining and experience authentic Korean dining because our experience in chasing the taste of Korea might not be a marathon, but Yoree Korean Dining might just be the prize for reaching the finish line that is being happy and full.

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Featured Branch:  1-5 Forum 7th Avenue cor, 25th St, Taguig, Metro Manila.
Contact Number: (02) 461 1968
Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays: 11AM–3:30PM and 5:30–10:30PM

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