Check out this mami house in Binondo utilizing a rare noodle-making technique called the bamboo-pole technique

We are once again in Binondo. We just could not help ourselves from coming back, okay? Binondo is truly a colorful place – may it be in happenings, in culture, and definitely in food! Many dining places here have gone through so much already. Standing tall and proud amidst all that is happening and all that had happened; they continue to bring happiness in each day and satisfaction to every palate and tummy that has come their way.

Masuki Restaurant has been here in Binondo for ages, specifically since 1930 serving Chinese traditional recipes that have been a part of the everyday lives of locals. However, not only does locals rave about Masuki Restaurant, because people from other cities and municipalities also go all the way here just to have a taste of their different mami and siopao offerings.

Mami has been a trademark dish of Masuki and with that, we will have you waiting for a while because we are not to dig straight into that, but rather tease you first with their other offerings like their different yummy dishes that people have loved for years as well.

Pork Siomai (Php 35 per piece)

Their Pork Siomai (Php 35 per piece) comes in big, filling servings that either would have you drooling for more or would have you filled up in no time. Bedazzle this one with some calamansi and soy sauce and you sure will be making it even more delicious than it already is.

After having some of their delectable siomai, grab yourself their tasty Siopao options like their Bola-Bola Siopao (Php 65) that has a meaty filling plus salted egg surprise inside. While for their Asado Siopao (Php 60), you will be getting that much-loved asado goodness you have been craving for.

Tiapao or Special Asado Siopao (Php 95)

To level up your siopao experience, go for Masuki Restaurant’s Tiapao or Special Asado Siopao (Php 95) which is a huge one filled with all that promise of saucy asado alongside a treat that is of salted egg and chicken slices.

Alas! Finally, the moment you have been waiting for… That’s right, we are not yet done as we are yet to start with their mami variants still! Let’s go straight with a bestseller of theirs, the Special Original Mami (Php 160 | Regular Php 150) that is topped with pork and chicken, shall we? Yes, we shall.

After having a taste of one of their bests, we are not going to judge you at all if you raise your hand up and order more such as their Regular Chicken Mami (Php 150 | Special Php 160) and their Regular Asado Mami (Php 150 | Special Php 160).

Regular Wonton Mami (Php 190 | Special Php 200)

And to really get a fill of almost everything Masuki Restaurant has, don’t get embarrassed as you go for another round of their slurp-smacking goodness mami offerings like their Regular Wonton Mami (Php 190 | Special Php 200) and their Regular Beef Mami (Php 205 | Special Php 220).

No doubt you are going to enjoy each bit of their siomai and siopao variants as well as every slurp of their mami noodles and broth, especially as their noodles have that distinct firm texture to it – thanks to the technique they are using in making it, called the bamboo-pole technique, ever since they have started. Everything here at Masuki Restaurant is homemade, from their noodles to the asado sauce which you can use for each and every dish of theirs, may it be their siopao, siomai, or even mami!

There is really no denying how so many people are actually loyal customers of Masuki Restaurant and that they want to have almost everything taken home so they can enjoy it even more. If you are one of those people, then know the Masuki Restaurant now have frozen goods you can avail like their asado siopao, siomai, and wonton. Other than those three, you could call ahead of time, so they could prep and have it frozen for you. Just steam it when it is time for you to happily gobble it down.

They also do deliveries now which made us so happy and we know made so many other people happy as well because, really, Masuki Restaurant’s delectable items are something you would keep going back to!

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Featured Branch: Masuki Restaurant, Binondo

Address: 31 Benavidez St, Binondo, Manila, 1006 Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 244 0745

Hours of Operation: 7AM to 11PM

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