Check out this up and coming Filipino-Mexican restaurant, Fiesta ala Mexo!

Mexico is known for food oozing with delectable flavors and fun, colorful vibes that would bring vibrancy to your rather dull life, with that, we heard a new restaurant coming to town soon as Fiesta ala Mexo brings you a fusion of the playful Mexican cuisine together with our very own much-loved Filipino cuisine.

Aiming to bring you a wonderful feast each and every one of you will truly enjoy in while being in a light and refreshing garden inspired venue, Fiesta ala Mexo will shoo the stress away and give you new reasons to smile every time and so what are we waiting for? Let’s check out and dig into these sumptuous promises of theirs that you, too, would soon delight in!

Morning Gising

For a truly light start yet a flavorful one at that, you are to never go wrong with their Salad that is in a tortilla chip bowl and their Morning Gising which is inspired from a classic veggie dish of ours, the Gising Gising.

Bagnet Fries

Following those are more of their easy eats that really are fun to eat especially with bare hands. Their Nachos are truly as colorful, as cheesy, and as loaded as you could imagine, while their Bagnet Fries will have you realizing how come you have spent years and years in this world without having this glorious take on your fave potato treat!

Quesadilla Chicken

Also, their Crispy Sisig Pinoy Tacos that is of a flour taco shell filled with all the taco goodness and topped with chicharon, their Quesadilla Chicken which is a generous plate of chicken-and-cheese-filled yum goodness, and their Chimichangga that will have your mouth wide open and will have your palate excited for more.

Hanging Cajun Chicken
Chicken Wings Adobo Chipotle

And so for when you decide you want to go for more, but still in the phase of having the time of your life with finger food, then do not miss out on their Hanging Pork Barbecue that certainly was well-marinated, their Hanging Cajun Chicken that is as delicious as their Chicken Wings Adobo Chipotle.

Salpicao de Maretiera

To truly live the name Fiesta ala Mexo, do not even skip on their big plates that can be shared with the lovely company you have. Dig into their Pancit Batil which is a must-try, alongside their meaty options such as their Sizzling Steak Rice, their Liempo, their Ribs that comes with fries and corn, their Wagyu that is served on a sizzling plate, and their Salpicao de Maretiera which is a worthy recommendation!

Pink Salmon Sinigang

From a bunch of meaty plates, of course comes another wave of scrumptious dishes – this time of seafood! You are no doubt to love their Pink Salmon Sinigang, their Tilapia, their Bangus, their Cheesy Shellfish, and their Seafood Platter that is filled with crabs, shrimps, and a whole lot more that will satisfy your appetite.

Cheesecake Calamansi

After all that, you definitely should not stand up from your seat yet because we are not to let you leave without having to take pleasure in some desserts and some drinks as well. Their Turon ala Mode, their Mango Malagkit, and their Cheesecake Calamansi are truly the one to tie this all off with a pretty ribbon inside a tempting box like a gift, alongside their Pineapple Dalandan Margarita and their Mango Avocado Margarita.

Fiesta ala Mexo really is as promising as you think it would be, maybe even more, because all this is just a gist of what they actually got cooking, grilling, and mixing for you. Catch them soon at EDSA Shangri-La Plaza as they are to have their grand opening there! Also, wait a few months and you might get a taste of them at Ayala the 30th and at Ayala Vertis North.

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