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Aside from our house, the house we probably want to love in is Siomai House. We are not even kidding! Siomai House has one of our go-to food and that is siomai, if you still don’t get it. We just really have this big adoration for Siomai, because it is so fun to eat, so tasty, so filling, and we can even eat it as is or pair it with rice for that extra fill. We can also spice it up with some chili garlic or maybe have it on the sour side and squeeze some calamansi on it. The possibilities to wow us with Siomai is just out there and we are ready to live in it.

That being said, growing up, Siomai has been with us, particularly Siomai House, because let’s face it, you probably have seen some, if not a lot, of Siomai House stalls in your life. Seeing a stall of Siomai House is like a dear friend calling our name, and we don’t know about you, but we sure are popping over.

Of course, as we are not going out that much, we were stoked when we found out that Siomai House now offers Ready-to-Heat Siomai also known as their Siomai Set Pack which includes their classic Pork-Shrimp Siomai, Special Soy Sauce, Crunchy Chili Garlic, Tissue, Sfork, and Calamansi. Their Siomai Set Packs are available in Set A Solo (20 pieces Php 190), Set B Buddy (60 pieces Php 555), Set C Family (100 pieces Php 900), Set D Party (200 pieces Php 1750), and Set E Fiesta (400 pieces Php 3400).

As mentioned, the Set Packs already include their very own Chili Garlic, but of course, if you want to go overboard on that spicy, garlicky punch, then go on and have a jar of Siomai House’s Chili Garlic. This one is available in 45 Grams (Php 45), 120 Grams (Php 99), and 220 Grams (Php 169) and this will definitely amp up your siomai fun time even more.

Other than Siomai, you can now also get The Original Empanada Especiale from Siomai House, because they are offering it in a Ready-to-Eat Empanada Set Box which includes freshly-cooked empanada that can be of single filling or assorted ones, depending on what you prefer. You can have this in Chicken, Ham & Cheese, Pork, or Tuna. Their Empanada Set Box is available in Set F Box 1 (10 pieces Php 280), Set G Box 3 (30 pieces Php 810), Set H Box 5 (50 pieces Php 1300), and Set I Box 10 (100 pieces Php 2500).

Siomai House really had us in for a treat, because now we could have some empanadas from them too! Visit Siomai House on their Social Media Pages as they are up on both Facebook and Instagram.

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