Check this out: LUMU Filipino Kitchen took twists and turns on their recently released Merienda line

There are times when eating three times a day is not just enough, right? We know eating that many times in a day is already a privilege, and we acknowledge that, but then again, you also won’t be able to deny that a good, quick break is such a breather from all the stress you have been shouldering.

Well, boy, we have a wonderful news for you! LUMU Filipinpo Kitchen just recently released their merienda line and it is all we could think about. LUMU Filipino Kitchen is already known for serving hearty and yummy pinoy dishes that many people keep coming back to, but their new merienda line is another set of must-tries as these really are filled with not only twists, but turns, too!

Offering most of these delectables from 2PM to 7PM each and every day, you sure have a lot of options to choose from and you won’t be telling yourself how you are just so done and bored as your food is different everyday. With a lot of merienda options, you certainly are not the only to enjoy these offering of LUMU Filipino Kitchen, because some of these dishes are also god for sharing – such a total yay, right?

Start your merienda with a plate of 6 crispy fried rolls which undeniably is everyone’s favorite. This meat-filled goodie will sure to excite you, especially when you dip it into its sweet chili sauce. Don’t you dare miss out on this love of your life, the LUMU Shanghai.

In the talks of easily munching something that is of a wrap, you might want to go for another delicious food that has a wrap as well. This Sisig Lumpiang Sariwa of LUMU Filipino Kitchen is really something that is packed with tasty flavors and yummy sauce – just giving you the right delicious balance between being loaded and subtlety.

Next up, here is a spaghetti, so here is a party! Enjoy this classic dish that you know when served at least means someone is having a special day and is going to wish. This Pinoy Spaghetti of LUMU will certainly make you go woohoo!

And in the talks of some good ole slurping, LUMU Filipino Kitchen has a bunch of different pancit dishes for their merienda line. One of which is this Pancit Sisig. This plate of oh-so-goodie glass noodles drenched in tasty, thick sauce, topped with crunchy veggies, and loaded with oh-so-yummy sisig is something you would regret not having! If it isn’t obvious yet, this is our fave out of the bunch.

Following that are their Pancit Pares and their Pancit Canton Con Bagnet. Each of this dish is of two dishes in one plate. It is both a mash up of two Pinoy classic faves leveled up in one dish that indeed would give you whichever it is you are craving for.

With some slurped up carbs, why not eat some more, right? LUMU Filipino Kitchen’s Chicken Inasal Goto is the one that will be your go to. This one is a hefty bowl of nomnom that is something worth your while. Having this will remind you that porridge is not just for the sick.

Having a taste of rice, you might crave another rice dish of LUMU Filipino Kitchen, but don’t worry, because that is not at all a problem. This merienda line of theirs does not only come with savories as sweets are available, too, and that is how their Champorado with Tuyo will enter your life and just never leave you – a bowl of nostalgia, that is what this is. This one is sure to give you choco fever and balance that out with the delectableness of milk and saltiness of tuyo.

Another lovely sweet treat from LUMU Filipino Kitchen’s Merienda line is the Ginataang Halo-Halo. This one would throw you back to simpler, happy days with your family while each of you are telling stories with each other, enjoying a hot serving of this stuff.

And finally, you know what? It really is October and the anticipation of Christmas time might get the better of you. That being said, let’s top your anticipation with more to anticipate about – LUMU Filipino Kitchen’s Bibingka and Puto Bumbong!

Their Bibingka comes in three variants namely Salted Egg and Quezo de Bola Bibingka, Salted Egg and Laguna Kesong Puti Bibingka, and Salted Egg and Cheddar Cheese Bibingka. Meanwhile, the Puto Bumbong also does not only come in one variant as it comes with two – the Classic Puto Bumbong and the Cheese Puto Bumbong.

LUMU Filipino Kitchen really did it again, they really got our jaws dropping and our mouths drooling with this fairly new merienda line of theirs. Each dish is just well-thought of and you would not really expect that everything will taste good, considering that some of these merienda dishes are a combination of two dishes that you never thought could scrumptiously go together.

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Featured Branch: LUMU Filipino Kitchen – Resorts World Manila branch

Address: 2nd Level Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila ,Pasay City, Philippines

Contact Number: (02) 752 7172

Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday and Sunday 11AM to 11PM; Friday and Saturday 11Am to 1AM

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