Cheeseheads MNL: Home Of Cheesy Baked Potato Gratin

Do you remember our stand on cheese and potatoes? That’s right, we absolutely are lovers of both! We love them separately and we love them together and so when we stumbled upon Cheeseheads MNL as we were in search for a scrumptious eat, you could bet we got the best of what they could offer! Cheeseheads MNL really said cheese and potato but make it even more luscious as their Cheesy Baked Potato Gratin has been turning heads and making mouths salivate. Indeed, Cheeseheads MNL gave us what we were craving for and so much more.

Potato Gratin is a decadent French classic that is also known as Dauphinoise Potatoes. Made with layers upon layers of finely sliced potatoes, cream, butter, and of course a huge amount of cheese, together with a tinge of fresh thyme, it is not surprising that this dish got us hooked in an instant. If we got you hooked with it already, then you better prepare yourself because Cheeseheads MNL has five Cheesy Baked Potato Gratin variants. Yes, you read that right; they have five, so you will definitely find something of your preference.

If you don’t know where to start, then why not go for their Original (Solo Php 250 | Family Php 470 | Party Php 890)? This one will get you rolling in cheesy potato goodness, that’s for sure!

Follow that one up with either their Bacon (Solo Php 280 | Family Php 520 | Party Php 970) or Mushroom (Solo Php 270 | Family Php 510 | Party Php 950) variant or if you are in doubt, which you shouldn’t be, then go for their Bacon & Mushroom (Solo Php 300 | Family Php 560 | Party Php 1050) instead so as to make your decision-making process easier.

However, if you want something that is more playful when it comes to flavor, then we suggest you grab their Truffle Cream Cheesy Baked Potato Gratin (Solo Php 300 | Family Php 560 | Party Php 1050). This will have you enjoying that distinct and delicious flavor only a truffle could provide.

Cheeseheads MNL really did not play safe with Cheesy Baked Potato Gratins. Each variant is great to be eaten as is. You can have it as a main, as a side, or even as a snack. Regardless, you are going to delight in it just like we did, we are telling you!

Other than their Cheesy Baked Potato Gratin, Cheeseheads MNL also has Frozen Hungarian Sausages ready to be snatched. To know more about all this, do check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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