Chef Arch’s Lime’s Silog Series is definitely a surprise to the eyes and to the palate

Some people have prejudice against street food. Meanwhile, people who eat street food would say otherwise. The most common prejudice against street food would probably be related to health and hygiene. Is it prepared well?, Is it clean?, Is it cooked properly? – just to name a few. Anyway, if that’s the dilemma of missing out on a different kind of nomnoms, then Chef Arch’s Lime is the perfect solution as their branding is “Streetfood na Pinasosyal”!

Chef Arch’s Lime is one of the trendsetter when it comes to reinventing street food. They have been serving their diners for so many years now and they are even giving their diners the experience of a setting that is just simple and definitely homey. Recently, they have launched a new set of dishes which are collectively called as Silog Series — still very familiar to the Filipino taste buds but have an extra umph in them!

Getting a taste of Chef Arch’s childhood, their Traditional Beef Morcon is actually a tweaked family recipe while their Red Hotdog will fill their diners’ mind with memories of birthday parties, plus this one is topped with minced beef and cheese sauce.

Follow those two with their Ginger and Chili Caramel Tuguegarao Longganisa with binatog and their Sausage Fried Rice which is loaded with five kinds of sumptuous sausages, namely Vigan, Lucban, Chicken, Hungarian, and Tuguegarao.

Playing more on Filipino flavors, their Batangas T-Bone is braised bulgogi style meat with bone marrow and kwek-kwek, while their Pusit and Tuyo is a homey Pinoy dish that is also a go-to breakfast in every Pinoy household.

Putting a Japanese twist on a few Filipino faves, Chef Arch’s Lime has made Teriyaki Glazed Salmon Wings as well as Tocino Katsudon with wasabi and homemade mayo. These dishes really is a wonderful mash up of Pinoy and Jap tones.

And of course, ending this Silog Series by Chef Arch’s Lime, diners could definitely go for a sweet, cold dessert that no doubt will give them more childhood flashbacks — the Scramble (Php 75). This iconic pink treat will certainly put a lot more playful take on these yummy offerings by Chef Arch’s Lime, giving their dining experience a sweet-filled, fun-filled ending.

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Address: 160 San Rafael St, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 775 5428

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