Chef Tatung of Lutong Simpol releases his very own cookbook called Simpol the Cookbook

Recipes have helped a lot of people in the kitchen. For years, people have followed different recipes in accordance to their needs. There are gourmet recipes, heirloom recipes, secret recipes and a whole lot more. However, as people’s interest and love for cooking have grown much more over the course of quarantine, it seems like people have grown fond of convenient, easy-to-make, simple recipes that will have them happy and satisfied.

Photo by Lutong Simpol

Simple Recipe — that’s what people want and that’s what people are getting from Chef Tatung and the whole team of Lutong Simpol. Lutong Simpol actually started as a playground years ago, when Social Media was just rolling out here in the Philippines, until it grew into something bigger, it evolved into something that people have grown to love and have made part of their lifestyle.

Photo by Lutong Simpol

Truly, Lutong Simpol have touched a lot of lives, a lot of household for the years that it has been producing not only recipe videos, but also infographics and many more. That being said, with the success of Lutong Simpol, Chef Tatung decided to write his very own recipe book called Simpol the Cookbook, filled with 101 simple recipes that any average Filipino could make without taking a lot of their time. Their aim is to provide Filipino households something that would make their meal times more flavorful, more enjoyable, without compromising the time they need to alot to their other responsibilities.

Photo by Lutong Simpol

Also, Chef Tatung wants the Filipinos to acknowledge their roots. He said as much as it is very impressive that a lot of people have innovated or upgraded their ways of cooking different Filipino dishes, it is also still a must to do it the way it is supposed to be done. “We really should have to stop being apologetic with our food. We should do it properly, the way it is supposed to be done. What’s important is more Filipinos will be able to have good food on their table.”, Chef Tatung said on the online media release of Simpol the Cookbook.

Photo by Lutong Simpol

Simpol the Cookbook focuses on simple Filipino recipes with a deviced format. The featured dishes are well-loved Filipino classics that can be easily executed using simple, familiar ingredients, as well as basic kitchen equipment, because Chef Tatung has made it his life’s mission to make cooking as “simpol as A B C” — which is a sentiment that NutriAsia shares, being they have been a part of Filipino households for years.

With that, Simpol the Cookbook is also a reminder that good eating starts at home; and with the guidance of Chef Tatung as well as the flavors of NutriAsia condiments that Filipinos have grown up with, families will surely be able to delight in hearty and memorable meal times together — because making cooking ‘simpol’ and less intimidating allows the story behind each dish to thrive in the hearts and minds of Filipinos everywhere.

You can order Simpol the Cookbook via Lazada & Shopee for only P350. The recipe book also includes a QR Code inside which will give you access to recipe videos so as to give you visuals on how you could also do the recipes.

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