Chemistea: Combining your love of Milk Tea and Chemistry!

If you think we have said good bye to milktea in 2019, then think again, because 2020 comes with not only 365 days, but 366, and that’s a whole lot of days for more milktea brands to come forward! Anyway, Chemistea has been in the milktea scene long before milktea was all the rave. What people do not know is that they are actually not your average milktea as they have put a unique twist on the typical pearls and huge straws experience that Filipinos truly enjoy. With Chemistea’s belief in celebrating their own uniqueness and differences, they are happy to bring Filipinos together through their delicious offering of food, drinks, games, and a whole lot more!

You might be wondering what’s up with their name, well, if you love science and math, literature, games, and apparently even weird and at the same time wonderful things, Chemistea is a great place for you! They have drinks which you can only find in their stores and you could even create your own unique blend if you feel like it. To first get a look of these unique blends we are talking about, then by all means, continue whatever it is you are doing!

1.) Asian Milk Tea

Cha Yen (450 ml cold Php 100 | 600ml cold Php 115)

Putting more Asian twists on the Taiwanese milktea Filipino have come to love, Chemistea uses Asian specialty teas and coffee, so why not introduce your palate to a few of their Asian milkteas like their Matcha Latte (350ml hot Php 110 | 450 ml cold Php 130 | 600ml cold Php 145) which is a sophisticated Japanese milk tea as well as their Cha Yen (450 ml cold Php 100 | 600ml cold Php 115) which is a strong thai milk tea.

2.) Cocoa Emulsions

T-Rex (450ml Php 135 | 600ml Php 145)

If you love a good burst of chocolate-y treat, you better not miss out on Chemistea’s selection of delectable Cocoa Emulsions. If you are familiar with Milo Dinosaur, then say hello to its cousin, the T-Rex (450ml Php 135 | 600ml Php 145) which is like the Milo Dinosaur but with a kick of espresso – perfect for when you are pulling an all-nighter.

3.) FruiTeas

Strawberry Jasmine (450ml Php 95 | 600ml Php 110)

And when you are up for a fruity adventure or just want something light and refreshing at the same time, then consider their fruit teas your soulmate. Try out their Strawberry Jasmine (450ml Php 95 | 600ml Php 110) which is such a pretty bev made with strawberries and jasmine tea.

4.) Experiment

Experiment – Milk Tea (Php 135)
Experiment – Milk Tea (Php 135)

As Chemistea prides itself in bringing their customers into a whole new delicious geeky level, you might as well go for their #GeekDrink also known as their Experiment. You might want to go for its Milk Tea (Php 135) variant which comes with creamer, sweetener, and flavor. With this one, you get to adjust your drink to the level of creaminess, sweetness, and flavor you want.

5.) Special Drinks

Chocnut (450ml Php 150 | 600ml Php 165)
Chocnut (450ml Php 150 | 600ml Php 165)
Hazelnut (450ml Php 150 | 600ml Php 165)

Their special drinks are their limited edition ones, meaning you can only get to have these drinks for a certain month or season. It’s like a special offering for a certain big day just like Chrsitmas! For their Christmas Special last year, they concocted a drink called Chocnut (450ml Php 150 | 600ml Php 165) and Hazelnut (450ml Php 150 | 600ml Php 165) which really brought us some nostalgia in every fun sip.

6.) Food

Chicken Truffle Pasta (Php 189)
Spicy Tuna Pesto (Php 145)
Nachos (Regular Php 99 | Large Php 129)

Of course, with all those sips and slurps come a lot of munches and bites, too. Chemistea isn’t only about drinks as they also have some comfort food to go with whatever drink you go for when you dine with them. We got to try a few of their offering, namely Spicy Tuna Pesto (Php 145), Chicken Truffle Pasta (Php 189), Nachos (Regular Php 99 | Large Php 129), and Blueberry Cheesecake (Slice Php 120).

There you go! These are a bunch of goodies you really should get to try when you find yourself in the warmth and comfort of any Chemistea branch, especially their branch in BF Home Paranaque! This branch is filled with all of Chemistea’s promised fun because they got games of different difficulty levels alongside some interactive treats for anyone to enjoy like their magnetic stirring station.

Chemistea – BF Homes Paranaque is also up for reservations as they could cater small intimate events – just book ‘em through their facebook page. They could make your parties even more fun with their mobile laboratories which you could also inquire about through their Facebook page.

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Address: Unit 1, Chloe Building, 162 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Parañaque

Contact Number: 279141550

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 1PM to 12AM; Saturday and Sunday 1PM to 1AM

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