Chicken, Ribs, Chops, and Drinks: Mimi & Bros got all the goods to pick you up from your lows

On the hunt for more than just fun times and a good meal? Welp, my friends, if ever you are in BGC, better check out Mimi & Bros because they have a wide menu offering of guaranteed oh-so-delicious dishes and gram-worthy aesthetic of a space that would definitely go well into your tummy and into your feed!

Everything here at Mimi & Bros is no doubt a collaborative effort – from the interiors down to every bit of element in each meal, everyone has contributed something and even having each product undergo tedious and meticulous research to achieve only the best for their ever-loved customers!

Pumping things up, Mimi & Bros is giving your typical nachos a makeover with their own version. Their Chicken Skin Nachos (Php 195) is tasty and packed with that much-admired punch of crunch and loaded toppings.

Another starter to go for is one of their best-selling dishes which is no other than their Dirty Bird Chicken Pizza (Php 295). You will surely love each and every bite of this that you won’t be able to stop yourself from reaching more and more.

As mentioned Mimi & Bros is located in one of the metro’s business districts which is BGC, so if your office is around the area and you are looking for some great-tasting and drool-worthy lunch out with your colleagues, you are in luck because Mimi & Bros has a lot of Lunch Specials just waiting for you to be eaten up.

The Mimi’s Fried Chicken Quarter (Php 255) is actually a bestseller of theirs so be sure to give this one a shot. And for some meatastic feast, you will be sure to enjoy not only their BBQ Pork Ribs Quarter Slab (Php 325) which you can get in either Classic or Rootbeer and their Boneless Shortribs (Php 295), but also their Sausage Rice (Php 265)!

Meanwhile, if you want to have a few fresh catches that is the bounty of the sea, you will totally love their Cajun Fish Fillet with Mango Salsa (Php 285) and Seafood Stew (Php 285). All of Mimi & Bros’ Lunch Specials are served with seasoned rice and choice of side so it is certainly satisfying!

More into filling, scrumptious meals, get some of Mimi & Bros’ Mains such as an all time-favorite of many, the Mimi’s Fried Chicken (Whole solo/3 sides Php 685 / Php 785 | Half solo/2 sides Php 385 / Php 485 | Quarter with seasoned rice and 1 side Php 255) and the BBQ Pork Ribs!  which you can get either in Full Slab (Classic BBQ solo/3 sides Php 1395 / Php 1495 | Smokey Bacon solo/3 sides Php 1595 / Php 1695 | Rootbeer BBQ solo/3 sides Php 1395 / Php 1495) or Half Slab (Classic BBQ solo/2 sides (Php 795 / Php 895 | Smokey Bacon solo/2 sides Php 895 / Php 995 |Rootbeer BBQ solo/2 sides (Php 795 / Php 895).     

Follow that with more mouth-watering and awesome dishes such as Mimi & Bros’ Chicharon-Crusted Pork Chops (Php 525) which is a huge chunk of pork chop coated with crunchy, luscious exterior; and their 6-Hour BBQ Beef Shortribs (Php 895 | Php 995) which is a personal favorite of Chef Ed himself as he believes that the longer you cooked something, the more love you have put into it.

Mimi & Bros is actually dedicated into all their meals, but they can’t deny how much effort they put into their dishes that highlight chicken. They actually have a line that is all about fried chicken and so you will probably notice how much of their food offering is about chicken.

With that, in addition to their already great-tasting chicken line, Mimi & Bros have recently launched their Mimi’s Fiery Fried Chicken Quarter (Php 325) and Mimi’s Fiery Fried Chicken Sandwich (Php 315) that are spiced up versions of their bestseller fried chicken dish!

Now, digging into more of Mimi & Bros, one of their secret weapons is their delectable desserts such as their Burnt Basque Cheesecake (Php 325) and their latest dessert addition which is a favorite, the Smores (Php 225).

As Mimi & Bros wants people to actually explore and have their own say in their own preferred flavor, they have nine house blend sauces that is available for everyone and anyone to play with and enjoy with their chosen meals. 

Other than mouth-watering food offering, Mimi & Bros is also known for their amazing drinks as they have a great mixologist that has concocted delicious drinks to be delighted in, especially during their Happy Hour from 5PM to 8PM in which two drinks can be enjoyed with the price of one as well as unlimited wine.

While on weekends, Mimi & Bros has a generous offering of Unlimited Fried Chicken for Php 499 which comes with unlimited rice and bottomless iced tea. Also, better grab yourself some of their sandwiches such as the Boneless Pork Rib and Fried Chicken Burgers as these ones are a few of their sneaky best sellers.

They are proud of everything that is in their menu – from their lunch specials, to their mains, to their desserts, and even down to their sides that really are a must-try and can make you happy on its own.

Mimi & Bros also does special events which their space is great for as they can house up to 120 folks including their al fresco seating option so make sure to book with them for your next event, and if not, dine with them first to find out what we are actually deliciously talking about!

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Address: G/F Crossroads, 32nd St, Taguig, Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0945 798 5176

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Thursdays, 11AM to 12AM, Fridays and Saturdays, 11AM to 2AM, Sundays 11AM to 10PM

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