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Part of what makes Cubao busy is its accessibility to different cities and the market, malls and hotels situated in the area. The crowd could be a little overwhelming and one could think that people could never find a haven from this place. However, traversing along Tuazon, one could see blue neon lights glowing atop of the building at night which the passersby could think that the glowing place seen from afar is a place to chill.

It’s funny that the place itself is literally called, “Chill Top” which could be easily remembered. It is a roof deck restobar that gives the diners a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city. The place also has a family KTV called “Chill Along” with the state-of-the-art sound equipment. Along with other bloggers, this is where we spent our night singing our heart out.
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We ordered alco slush, an alcoholic shake in the carafe. The yellow one is the Mango Slush (P205), the blue one is the Blue Green Slush (P205), and the brown one is the Chocolate Slush (P205) all in 1.5 liters. Among the shake drinks, the one that won my heart is the Chocolate Slush! It’s just “chill”. I will never get worried to feel tipsy because the alcohol is very minimal. The Blue Green Slush would be my choice if I want stronger alcohol hint on my drink. Meanwhile, the Siete in a pitcher (P210) is also light. Lastly, the one standing tall is the Zombie chill tower (P450) which I did not get to try because I already feel full eating the food served to us which will be talked about more below.
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The Mexican Pizza (P235) looks underestimating but when I tasted it, it has a special character. It’s a pizza but with a flavor of sweetness. It’s a thin-crust Mexican-style pizza topped with sausage, onions, and bell pepper.
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The Love Birds (P220) are one of their newest addition to their menu. The diners may choose spicy, garlic soy, buffalo, sweet or sweet & spicy.  A must try!
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The Sizzling Sisig (P250) is a fried liempo cut into small cubes and topped with chicharon. I hate to break it to you but the sisig is just normal. What I just like about it is the meat, the slices are generous.
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The Adobol (P330) is two layers of sizzling pork adobo. The sauce at the bottom is pretty flavorful and the texture will play your tongue. The bottom part is mellow yet there’s a crunchy counterpoint because of the flakes on the top.
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The Flasher Squid (P310) is flashy but did not fail. The squid itself has its own flavor that I did not need to dip the squid into the vinegar sauce. The crumbs are not thick that makes me love it!
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Chill Top and Chill Along has its pros and cons when it comes to the location. The building lacks parking so it’s not that very convenient to bring a car. There are some “kuyas” who could keep an eye in your car though but a little bit far from the lobby of the building. The favorable thing is its selling point that the bar is at the top. The bar really looks spacious but can accommodate a lot of people. All the staff is friendly and the music is not that loud. Moreover, the Chill Along KTV room is also huge. It has its own comfort room inside the KTV and there are disco lights, aircon is working well, and even if we’re already inside the room, the scenic view of the city can still be cherished.

I am recommending Chill Top especially for yuppies who just want to chill yet still wants to save money. I’m definitely coming back! Thanks to Always Hungry PH for inviting me over!chill along (1)

Chill Top
Address: Roofdeck, Amio Tuazon Building, 17th Avenue Corner P. Tuazon Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City
Contact Number: 02 2839238
Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays – 24 hours

Facebook: Chill Top
Instagram: Chill Top

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