Chocoholics, rejoice! Naked Patisserie has something for you!

We have eaten a number of cakes by Naked Patisserie already, but every time we get our hands on a different one from their cake selection, each truly brings us a different kind of experience! Also, we have already discussed how Naked Patisserie is actually known for their bespoke cakes that are often served on weddings on events, but of course, it’s not all the time that there’s a grand celebration in our lives. Regardless, we do enjoy their celebration cakes, because we actually treat ourselves with it for a job well done.

As that is the case, Naked Patisserie’s latest celebration cakes might just be made for us, or you as well if you are like us, because these ones are every chocoholic’s dream come true – and you guys know how much of a chocolate lover we are! First up is their Chocol-iction (Php ₱4,150.00). This one is of an irresistible moist chocolate cake finished with their signature buttercream frosting, topped with crushed Oreos together with dark chocolate shavings, dark chocolate drippings, Twix candy bars, golded-kissed oreos, as well as Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake Truffles. No doubt this one is for chocolate lovers!

Next to that is their Choco-Berry Drip Cake (₱4,150.00) which is a decadent, moist chocolate cake covered in rich dark chocolate ganache and finished with dark chocolate drippings, chocolate ganache, crushed Oreos alongside premium imported berries. This one is that [erfect combination of fruity and chocolatey all in one yummy treat!

Last, but definitely not the least is none other than the The King’s Crown (₱6,950.00). This feel-like-royalty cake is of moist chocolate chocolate ganache cake covered in luscious edible gold paper and topped with edible sugar roses. This one is a crown you would rather eat than eat and honestly, that is what you deserve!

There you have it! if you think you need some chocolate to boost you up through the day, these three cakes are amazing choices! However, do know that whatever day you are having or whatever upcoming celebration you are to have, naked patisserie has a perfect cake for you!

To check more of their cake selection, visit them on their Facebook or Instagram. You could also check out their Website to know more details about their cakes and other offerings.

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