Ciao Bao PH is bao-nd to satisfy your cravings!

Inspired by their mom’s recipes and love for food, Ciao Bao PH came to life! Ciao Bao PH focuses on delectable Baos that come in different meaty and tasty flavors that are made from scratch and made with love.

Not familiar with Baos? Baos are basically of the same concept of sandwiches, but instead of bread, Baos are of snow buns that were developed in Chinese culture as a filled form of “Mantou” which is a plain steamed dumpling that is often compared to bread, so yes, Baos are a Traditional Chinese dish that is savory and absolutely delicious!

With that, Ciao Bao PH’s version of these little buns of heaven is filled with seasoned pork, beef, or chicken. Alongside the meat, it also has some homemade sauces as well as freshly cut veggies and fruits inside of it.

As we love Baos, we were able to gather four Baos form Ciao Bao PH in one go and these were Porky-Bao, Chicky-Bao, Bulgogi-Bao, and Tamago-Bao. Among these four, the bestseller is actually the Chicky-Bao, so that’s where we started our Ciao Bao journey.

Their Chicky-Bao (Php 80) is of fried chicken fillet, special sauce, nori sheet, mango, lettuce, and black sesame seeds, served on steamed cuapao, and one bite into this and we already got why this one is the bestseller! Following that was their Porky-Bao (Php 80) which is of char siu marinated pork belly with cucumber, pineapple, and crushed peanuts, served on steamed cuapao. What we loved with this one was the extra fun texture that the peanuts have added to the whole experience.

From pork, we jumped to having their beef option. Ciao Bao PH’s Bulgogi-Bao (Php 80) is of sliced Australian angus beef marinated in Korean BBQ sauce with lettuce, steamed egg, and roasted sesame served on a steamed cuapao. This one was a sumptuous option and we are glad to have included this in our order.

Last, but definitely not the least was their Tamago-Bao (Php 160 for a Box of 3). This one is actually just a recent addition to their yummy menu. Served on a toasted cuapao with creamy egg salad made with authentic Japanese ingredients, this variant is sold in a bundle of three which makes it even more satisfying!

Grab these delicious and fluffy Baos by Ciao Bao PH by ordering through their Facebook and Instagram Pages. You can also reach them at 09951170416.

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