Classified Kitchen + Wine Café: Savor flavors from heirloom secret recipes that will certainly get you more than just hooked!

Just a few months since it started in July, Classified Kitchen + Wine Café is actually the second food venture from the creators of Theo’s Baked + Brewed in Maginhawa. With two brothers, who are also chefs, partnering up to conceptualize Classified Kitchen + Wine Café, their namesake is about to pay homage to the secret recipe they use in their dishes – hence classified.


Housed in a cozy space, their nice interiors, artistic lighting and fixtures, and interesting seating options – two of which have pillows and a blanky, Classified Kitchen + Wine Café is nothing short of class and comfort. Located in the less busy Scout Tuason Street, this wonderful new dining place is like a secret not many people know, but of course as they are serving delicious, affordable steaks and wine, same with their sandwiches, pasta, and desserts, no wonder, words about them have been in the mouths of many and has soon garnered more people ever since.




As we were looking for good a place to have our dinner in, we can’t help but notice this intriguing abode with an interesting name that is situated literally at a corner. Feeling spontaneous and excited to try something new again, we entered the place and was amazed how beautiful Classified Kitchen + Wine Café actually is. With a wall decoration that is of a block poetry saying, “To eat is human, to eat well is divine”, it is as if it knows who we actually are – foodies at heart.



Starting with two of their soup offering that they actually request diners to allow 15 to 20 minutes serving time, surely good things come to those who wait, right?


The Homemade Pumpkin Soup (Php 170), which is a must try, is topped with baked pastry bread and has a rich and luscious texture that is of yellow and orange-y in color.


Another soup we tried is actually a favorite of ours and would definitely be a reason to come back; their Seafood Chowder (Php 190) is all thick and delicious, filled with yummy seafood such as mussels, squid, and more.


Following that with one of their filling Sandwiches, Classified Kitchen + Wine Café’s Hungarian Devil Dog (Php 195) is a huge frankfurter slathered with scrumptious melted cheese, topped with chili con carne, sandwiched between buns and served with a portion of nachos.


With us wanting to have some mouth-watering protein fix, we were lucky to have tried their Australian T Bone Steak (Php 295) that is tasty and chewy, especially with its mushroom gravy dip, sided with crunchy vegetables, and a portion of mashed potatoes.


Having some cravings for a meaty meal, we decided to have another of their mains which is the Stone Grilled Lamb Chops (Php 395) that is not only flavorful, but aromatic as well; alongside the sweetness from its mint jelly deep which balances its taste really well. This one is also served with mashed potato and a side of veggies that adds a pop of color.

For some power up carbs, we also had two variants of their quality, splendid pasta that we know were prepped really well with ingredients that made its flavors bursting.


The Truffled 4 Cheese Ravioli (Php 380) is one of their must tries as well which we really are vouching for especially if you are not only a truffle lover, but also a cheese fanatic as this one has four kinds of cheese in it – ricotta, cheddar, feta, and mozzarella.


Another would be Classified Kitchen + Wine Café’s Gourmet Sardine Pasta which honestly is another favorite as it is topped with some tomatoes, cheese, and of course appetizing sardines that are sure to tease your taste buds to have more of it.


And lastly, to seal this great deal, we had their Moist Chocolate Cake (Php 130) which undeniably is living up to its name especially it is freshly baked from their oven. This one is also a reason to come back here as it surely hit that sweet tooth of ours perfectly!



Oh, and also, partnering that delectable pastry with Classified Kitchen + Wine Café’s crafted coffee, particularly the Café Latte (hot 110 | Over Ice Php 115), is such a wonderful pairing to try out and really enjoy.

Classified Kitchen + Wine Café is a simple and spacious, neat-looking haven of lip-smacking good food and other offerings such as wine which they have an ongoing promo related to it that is Unlimited House Red Wine for Php 495, Monday to Thursday only, so be sure to avail that because it is such a steal.

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