Cline Family Cellars: Wine Tasting Event with Hot and Cold Buffet


June 1st marks the day as it was for sure one of the many first but officially our first time to attend a Wine Tasting Event and it was indeed a night to remember.

Located in the serene part and kind of secluded are of Legaspi Village is The Wine Club. Just looking from the outside you would have a clear notion that this joint is nothing more than a private spot. But the truth is, it’s actually a home to a lot of events.


The Wine Club offers the best of California Wines, providing both the high ends and low ends stuff.


Inside the Wine Club are tons and tons of bottle of wines neatly arranged on every wall, tables made of out of wooden kegs, different types and sizes of glass goblets. For a wine enthusiast, it’s like heaven moved on earth.


The Cline Family Cellars Wines: Sonoma Country Syrah, North Coast Viogner, Lodi Zinfandel, Sonoma Coast Pinot Gris, Ancient Vines Zinfandel, Ancient Vines Mouvedre, Ancient Vines Carignane, Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, Cashmere Exquisite Blend


The event was highlighted with all the different Cline Cellars Wines standing stall and waiting to be grab.

Deliciously complimented with Cold Cuts, Pasta Pomodoro and Chicken Parmigiana. Being a big fan of cold cuts paired with a glass of wine, I admit I must have returned to the cold cuts section more than three times. Proving how great the cold cuts and cheese are.

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