Club Balai Isabel takes you to Italia with Isabel’s Panaderia & Pizzeria

Batangas really is a gem – that we can really agree on, right? It has a lot of vacation spots known to locals and tourists, plus it is just a few hour drive away from the metro. No wonder many peg to have their quick getaway there.

Club Balai Isabel is a well-known resort in Batangas. There is no denying that they are also famous for garden weddings as the view of the Taal Volcano is such a picturesque scene behind a couple that is professing their love not only to the people dear to them, but also to the world.

That being said, not many people know that you could get to see the beauty of Club Balai Isabel without actually checking in with them as you could dine in at their fabulous dining concepts like their Isabel’s Panaderia & Pizzeria. From the name of that restaurant, you could probably tell what they are serving already and yes, your guess is right – we are going to chomp down some yummy pizza!

Genovese Pizza (Solo Php 200 | Double Php 280)

Now we do not want to keep you waiting and we know you also do not want wasting your time, so first up is a favorite of ours, the Genovese Pizza (Solo Php 200 | Double Php 280) of theirs that is of gorgonzola, mozzarella, parmesan, fresh cheese, pesto, and cream sauce.

From one cheesy variant, let us reach for another which is their Quattro Fomaggi Pizza (Solo Php 200 | Double Php 280) also known as the Four Cheese Pizza as this one is made with four different kinds of cheese namely, perocino, gorgonzolo, parmesan, as well as mozzarella.

Margherita Pizza (Solo Php 140 |Double Php 220)

And if you just cannot stop yourself from having that mozzarella goodness over and over again, better try out their Margherita Pizza (Solo Php 140 |Double Php 220). This one has that mozzarella cheese you have been salivating for alongside tomato and fresh basil.

Tutta Carne Pizza (Solo Php 200 | Double Php 280)

Of course, we together with Isabel’s Panaderia & Pizzeria of Club balai Isabel are not going to let down the meat fanatics out there as they also have the Tutta Carne Pizza (Solo Php 200 | Double Php 280) which is loaded with Italian sausage, pancetta, pepperoni, ham, and ground beef.

Lastly, for a classic, homey pizza variant that is controversial as well, here comes Hawaiian Pizza (Solo Php 200 | Double Php 280) that has spiced ham and the root of all the debate and argument, of course, the oh so sweet pineapple. With that, tell us, pineapples on pizza or no pineapples on pizza?

Anyway, Isabel’s Panaderia & Pizzeria makes their own dough daily so you sure are getting freshly made, mouthwatering, thin-crust pizzas every time you order. In lieu of that, Club Balai Isabel has their own farm in which they get their ingredients from, totally living up the farm to table concept that everyone admires and adores, so get up, take a breather, and drop by soon.

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Address: Club Balai Isabel, Talisay, Lipa, Batangas, Philippines

Contact Number: (043) 773 0004

Hours of Operation: Always Open

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