Club Balai Isabel was just the break that we needed!

We have been to Tagaytay more than we could remember now, but it sure has been years since we stepped inside Club Balai Isabel. Surely, you guys have heard of them, right? After all, we believe we have talked about them a few years back. Plus, they are a well-loved, well-visited resort in the area. Well, if you guys honestly haven’t, then we suggest you read our first story about them here.

Club Balai Isabel

Anyway, Club Balai Isabel, as we have mentioned, is popular both to locals and tourists like us. There is so much to love about them such as their spacious land and relaxing ambiance. There is no denying that they are just the kind of place that you would want to keep coming back to and you will actually keep coming back to. 

Club Balai Isabel

On our recent visit at Club Balai Isabel, we could say that a lot has changed since our last visit as much as we could say that nothing much has actually changed. This, we are saying, because when we stayed with them, the same warm welcome was given to us like before. On top of that, we were automatically embraced by the place’s comforting grounds. However, the place has surely gone through a number of improvements too; they even added yet another delicious dining option!

Kumintang Republik

That’s right, Club Balai Isabel just recently launched and opened the doors of their newest Italian restaurant. Kamunting Republik offers guests and diners a lovely refuge filled with sumptuous dishes and refreshing drinks that can be enjoyed in a lovely, casual setting. Here, we were able to feel lighter in every mouthful of our food and every sip of our drink. Truly, Club Balai Isabel gave us another reason to come back and obviously, that’s their Kamunting Republik. If you want to know more about our dining experience with them, then lucky you, because you can read all about it here

Club Balai Isabel

As their Kamunting Republik is another reason for us to keep coming back to Club Balai Isabel, our previous reasons for coming back still remain. Club Balai Isabel just really has the power to enthrall us into taking a pause and just keep breathing. With the fast-paced life that we are living here in the Metro, sometimes all we just need is a break; and Club Balai Isabel has always been that for us. 

Club Balai Isabel

Their gorgeous shores wherein we could spot the amazing Taal Lake in and watch both the sunrise and sunset at is truly breathtaking. They also have huge pools for us to dip into and delight in. Indeed, their amenities and facilities provide the perfect balance of convenience and luxury. Here we could just totally let our hair down and be with nature. 

Club Balai Isabel is no doubt an excellent choice for a getaway or a staycation. They are even great for corporate events and special occasions. Know more about Club Balai Isabel and all the unforgettable moments you could have by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Website

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