Cocula: Mexican x Filipino Indulgence at the heart of Tarlac

Tarlac’s food scene really took our breaths away. We undeniably made the most out of the one day we visited. Truly, saying we had fun is an understatement and you will surely understand what we mean when you have found yourselves in Cocula, a newly opened Fil-Mex restaurant wherein we danced our weekend away!


Highlighting an extraordinary dining experience with tequila and taqueria, Cocula takes pride in their spacious indoor and alfresco set up lovingly designed with bright and lively colors that just guarantees an enjoyable time with people close to your heart. There is no doubt that Cocula is a splendid place to catch up with your loved ones or even have a date with your special someone. Of course, together with their hip and fun ambiance, Cocula’s food selection is something to look forward to!

Barbacoa Taco
Chicharrones Taco

As Cocula is big on tacos, you should not miss out on their Taqueria Bar from where you can call dibs on their Barbacoa Taco (Php 220) which is a taco filled with slow cooked beef short ribs that is just best paired with tomato salsa and guacamole; their Birria (Php 250) which is a taco that has beef stew in mexican spices, then grilled with cheese melt, and served with broth; and their Chicharrones Taco (Php 195) which is a taco with crispy and tasty pork belly and guacamole. Believe us, these taco choices will not disappoint, especially because all Cocula tacos come in 2s and are served with their well-loved Cocula 3 Sauce.

Nacho de Cocula
Cocula Caliente

If you want to enjoy more of that Cocula 3 Sauce, which is actually inspired from the colors of Mexican Flag as it includes hot sauce, garlic mayo, and salsa verde, then you better snatch a few dishes from their La Botanas selection. Their Nacho de Cocula (Php 335) which is their house special beef nachos is great for sharing; while their Cocula Caliente (8 Pieces Php 395) is also splendid with its sweet and tangy house special sauce. Yum!

Barbacoa Quesadilla
Bistek Salpicao

Another dish that would be amazing to share with your friends and family is Cocula’s Barbacoa Quesadilla (Php 375) which is filled with their house special smoked tender short rib, as well as Cocula’s Bistek Salpicao (Php 590) which is sizzling tender beef steak smothered in garlic and served with soft tortilla. We promise you, you are going to love these Cocula favorites!

Pollo a la Parilla Chimichanga
Arroz ala Mexicana Paella
Arroz ala Mexicana Paella
Paella Negra

After that, when you still want something heavier, then don’t think twice about grabbing their Pollo a la Parilla (Php 275) which is their signature marinated grilled chicken chimichanga; or you could also go for their Paella options such as Arroz ala Mexicana (Php 550) which is Mexican style paella with grilled chicken and pork, and Paella Negra (Php 650) which is seafood paella cooked in squid ink and topped with sour crema. These dishes will certainly have you babying a round full belly once you are done. 


Of course, to tie everything nicely, don’t skip on having some drinks and dessert here at Cocula. For drinks, you could sip on their Muerta “Frozen” Margarita (Php 210) and their Mojito Chismoso (Php 195) which are just delectably refreshing; and for their dessert, you could delight on their Platano de Xocolat (Php 180) which is a luscious serving of fried banana coated in cinnamon sugar and rich chocolate sauce served with vanilla ice cream. Truly delicious!


Make the most out of your weekend too (or even weekday) by dropping by at Cocula. You have got to visit them before sunset and make sure to get a spot on their alfresco seating because the view of the setting sun here is just majestic, especially when you pair it with Cocula’s must-try dishes and refreshments! Visit Cocula’s Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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