Coffee and Dreams will have you and your furbaby celebrating wins whenever!

Coffee & Dreams is exactly what their name represents – coffee and dreams. This café is once just a dream of a couple that now has turned into a reality. With a lovely, cozy setting that some may even call instagrammable. There is no denying that a lot of people go to Coffee & Dreams to check out the place, but more than that, Coffee & Dreams has actually garnered quite a number of patriots because of their food!

For their drinks and food, Coffee & Dreams made sure to be able to offer the classics with their own touch to each of it though, and some of their signatures as well. From coffee and teas, coolers and frappes to snacks and pastries, as well as pastas and pizzas – Coffee & Dreams definitely got all your needs, wants, cravings, and even desires covered!

From their drinks, you could first enjoy a few glasses that would freshen you up even with just a sip of it! Their Strawberry Lychee Lemonade (Php 175) and Vanilla Lychee Lemonade (Php 175) are just two of their revitalizing Coolers that would give you a fruity energy boost.

If you are to lean on coffee for an energy boost, then don’t you worry, because as we have said Coffee & Dreams is all that and more. Their coffee choices varies from Hot, Frozen Blends, and even Over Ice, so definitely, they have something to your liking such as Signature Mocha (Tall Php 120 | Grande Php 145) for when you want more of coffee and chocolate mix, Signature Salted Caramel (Tall Php 190 | Grande Php 210) for when you want something sweet for a more delectable high, and Coffee and Dreams Signature (Grande Php 170 | Dreamer Php 190) for when you want something to comfort and indulge you at the same time.

Speaking of indulging, Coffee & Dreams is the perfect place to be in to do that as their drinks are great with some solids too; starting with a new addition to their menu, their Clubhouse (Php 180). These lovely sandwiches are great for snacking but a serving of this will have you satisfied and full too, just like a plate of their pasta will too.

Their Lasagna (Php 239) is a popular choice among the diners and that is really not a surprise since this one is a plate of saucy and meaty goodie that any person would love regardless if you are a pasta person like us or not. Every layer of this Lasagna truly is as splendid as you are imagining it to be so you better not miss out on this, among other things here at Coffee & Dreams.

From their pasta, don’t think twice from jumping to another new Coffee & Dreams yummies – their Pizzas! Coffee & Dreams has taken it upon themselves and give the people what they want – a great and scrumptious food that can be shared with their loved ones and so their pizzas came about.

Their All Meat Pizza (10” Php 650 | 12” Php 750) which is of ground beef, Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, bacon, parmesan, and mozzarella; Bacon Overload Pizza (10” Php 550 | 12” Php 650) which has bacon, ham, mushroom, parmesan, and mozzarella; as well as their Hawaiian Overload Pizza (10” Php 550 | 12” Php 650) which is topped with ham, pineapple, parmesan, and mozzarella are just three of their must-try pizza options! Every slice is downright delicious and each order of pizza could actually be of thick or thin crust – totally your choice!

Of course, other than savories you should be able to get a taste of their wonderful pastries too! It’s just the perfect way to delight even more with Coffee & Dreams! Their Chocolate Signature Cake (Php 150), Mango Signature Cake (Php 150), and Signature Cheesecake (Php 180) are just three of our favorite desserts by Coffee & Dreams so we are sure you are going to love them too!

Catch more of Coffee & Dreams by checking out their Facebook and Instagram Pages because they sure have a lot of surprises coming up for you. You can also reach them through their email and their mobile number 0905 388 2670.

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