Coffee or Tea? Check out these new Dunkin Donuts Bundles!

Sugar rush? Caffeine kick? It’s all here!

Feeling sleepy and lazy at the same time? Feeling like sugar rush alone or just some caffeine kick won’t do the trick for you? Consider yourself lucky then because you sure will get energized with this new bundles by everyone’s favorite donut – Dunkin Donuts!

Get the sugar rush x caffeine kick you so badly need with Dunkin Donuts’ new bundles which are consisted of delectable doughnuts, of course, plus three cups of large iced coffee! If you still won’t get invigorated with these bundles, we don’t know what will! You don’t have to finish this off alone, though, because these bundles are meant for sharing, make you friends and family extra happy today and bond over these yummies now!

Photo by Dunkin Donuts Philippines

Delight in three cups of Dunkin’ large iced coffee and six classic doughnuts for only Php 342 or go for the other bundle which is of three large cups of iced coffee, too, but with three classic doughnuts and three premium doughnuts instead. However, if you want to go all out and just have the time of your life with six premium doughnuts and three large ice coffee, then we suggest you go for the Php 420-bundle which will no doubt hit your sweet spot!

Photo by Dunkin Donuts Philippines

If coffee is not it for you, Dunkin Donuts also has bundles that come with three Popping Tea alongside your choice of premium donuts, classic donuts, or a mix of both!

Reach them via valling (0998) 842-9916 or (0917) 801-4221 to avail any of these bundles. All are available for takeout and delivery. You can also have these doughnuts x coffee and doughnuts x popping tea bundles through select Dunkin’ GrabFood stores.

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*Featured Photo by Dunkin Donuts Philippines

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