Coffee, Tea, or Chocolate?: Here are 9 yummy, delightful drinks by Dark Cacao & Coffee that would have you going “Yippee!”

If ever you find yourself looking for a good coffee in SM North, then you are in luck because this one café there is not only serving that, but also has a lot of other drinks for you to down such as teas and even chocolate ones.

They were first named as Dark Specialty Coffee, but they also want to be able to highlight their line of chocolate drinks made with tablea that are specially sourced from a farm in Davao, hence their new name which is Dark Cacao & Coffee.

Dark Cacao & Coffee doesn’t only want their diners to experience a good dining experience, but a great one with a tasty touch of tradition which their cacao is exactly about as you can’t deny how some time in your childhood you enjoyed a chocolate drink, especially ones that are of tablea – probably thanks to your grandma.

That being said here are 9 Dark Cacao & Coffee drinks that anyone would really delight in – may you be a lover of a mug of joe, an enthusiast of a soothing, relaxing cup of tea, or a fan of a delectable chocolate drink!

1.) Hot Flat White (Doppio Php 130)

If the morning rush has got you bumming, then grab yourself a cup of this and feel even more than better. This Hot Flat White is just what you need to boost up your energy.

2.) Kalsada Coffee (ranges from Php 140 to Php 160)

Kalsada coffee is a known coffee brand as they champion in Philippine specialty coffee. Through their work, they hope to encourage future generations of Filipino coffee growers, and of course to spread the word about Philippine specialty coffee. They aim for quality, collaboration, and sustainability, and Dark Cacao & Coffee is one their partners that actively gives out the Filipinos a better chance of having to enjoy a really good cup of morning juice.

3.) Hot Café Mocha   (Small 8oz Php 150 | Regular 12oz Php 160 | Large 16oz Php 175)

Now, this one is actually a bestseller of theirs and is exactly what Dark Cacao & Coffee is because the chocolate they use here is the tablea that they are able to get from Davao. And we truly could vouch for as to how this drink is just downright a must-try!

4.) Signature Iced Mocha (Small 12oz Php 150 | Regular 16oz Php 170 | Large 20oz Php 180)

If a hot drink is not much your jam, then do not worry because you can still enjoy that piping hot goodness of a mocha drink over ice with this Signature Iced Mocha of theirs that is no surprise, a bestseller of theirs as well. No doubt this one is a crowd favorite!

5.) Hot Traditional Lola’s Recipe Chocolate (Single 84ML Php 70 | Double 170ML Php 120 | Triple 250ML Php 160)

Giving the whole spotlight to the Dark Cacao & Coffee’s chocolate line of drinks, this one is without a doubt the one to go for. The rich cacao taste is just pure heavenly that you would be ordering another round just for the heck of it!

6.) Blended Smooth & Milky Chocolate (Small 12oz Php 170 | Regular 16oz Php 185)

Meanwhile, of course, with the summer heat making almost everyone irritable, this cool drink is just the perfect grab-and-go chocolate beverage if you are in a hurry and you ned a quick fix for your hot head. Plus, this one is another favorite of many so you sure are to delight in every sip.

7.) Iced Café Matcha (Small 12oz Php 150 | Regular 16oz Php 170 | Large 20oz Php 180)

And of course, raise this certain glass of oh-so-yum-goodness for all those fellow matcha lovers out there. This one will have your taste buds teased and your energy up in no time!

8. & 9.) Lemongrass Hibiscus (Php 120) & Peach Pear Apricot (Php 150)

Lastly, these two are cold brew health teas that are also perfect for cooling down amidst the powerful Mr. Sun! The Lemongrass Hibiscus is of their tropical fruits variant while the Peach Pear Apricot is of their continental fruits variant. Either way, you will be getting a chilling healthy drink that would have you cooling down!

There you have it. Dark Cacao & Coffee surely has their beverage gaming on point. Whether you are on the hunt for some good ole coffee, looking for a cup of tea to calm you down or even just craving for a glass of lip-smacking good and fun chocolate drink, Dark Cacao & Coffee truly is ready for you, so better check them out because you are no doubt going to love them!

Dark Specialty Coffee and Tea is at the Second Floor of SM City North Edsa.

They follow the Mall Hours for their operation.

Contact Number: (02) 374 0467

Follow them on their Social Media Pages below:



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