Come dance and have a feast with La Frontera!

Don’t you love it when you are at a place that just makes you feel happy? So happy that you feel like having a feast and dance while you are at it? Well, we do, and that is exactly how we felt when we were at La Frontera’s Grand Opening! 

La Frontera
La Frontera

La Frontera is a lively new restaurant at Asturias St. and upon entering the place, you will be instantly wrapped in warmth and bliss! With colorful murals, glass windows, plus beautiful flora and bright hanging lights adorning the space, La Frontera will surely transport you to the vibrant picturesque streets of Mexico.

Classic Nachos and All Cheese Quesadillas

That’s right, La Frontera is ready to pamper your palate and fill your belly with their delicious food and drinks selection highlighting the flavorful Mexican cuisine! Kicking things off was their All Cheese Quesadillas which is crispy tortilla filled with soft and warm cheese, and is served with garlic-cilantro sauce, salsa, and chili; as well as their Classic Nachos which is a plateful of crunchy nachos, topped with tender beef, fresh salsa, garlic-cilantro sauce, and cheese sauce. Undeniably, these two had our cheese-loving hearts even more excited. These are just both so good!

Tacos and Burritos

After having those cheesy surprises, we then had the time of our life with two of their delicious soft shelled tacos. We first had their Chicken Taco which is loaded with tender chicken strips, lettuce, and salsa, then made even more flavorful with their garlic-cilantro and cheese sauces, plus chili. The second taco we had was none other than their Sisig Taco which is actually their specialty. This one is all about that ever-loved classic sisig on a bed of lettuce and salsa wrapped in a soft tortilla and is served with chili on the side as well. Such drool-worthy dishes, right?

Beef Pizza Taco

Another La Frontera taco to keep your eyes on is their Beef Pizza Taco. This is a 12” toasted tortilla made tastier and more filling with Mexican pizza sauce, salsa, lettuce, nacho crunch, beef with cheddar cheese, and of course, their best sauces. Truly, you can have a scrumptious taco party here at La Frontera and actually more than enjoy it!

If you are looking for a taco indulgence like no other though, then you better grab La Frontera’s Vegan Shake Shake Taco Salad. This one is a different yet still fun and delicious take on taco as this is a mix of lettuce, refried beans, garlic-cilantro sauce, and nacho crunch. All you have to do is pour its sauce, cap it tight, and shake your way to satisfaction! 

Kare-Kare Burrito

Of course, once we were done having a taco-mazing time, we then moved onto their Burritos! Their Beef Burrito is a soft tortilla embracing a whole lot of goodness inside which includes tender and savory beef, Mexican rice, refried beans, lettuce, salsa, and a variety of delish sauces, alongside nachos; while their Kare-Kare Burrito is yet another awesome FIlipino take on a Mexican delicacy as that well-loved peanut buttery goodness that Kare-Kare is known for is highlighted in the rice and meat which are complemented with vegetables found in Kare-Kare such as sitaw and pechay. The deliciousness doesn’t stop there, though, because their Kare-Kare Burrito actually comes with bagoong alamang too.

Chicken Mexbowl
Chicken Mexbowl

Last on the La Frontera savory train, but definitely not the least, of course, is their Chicken Mexbowl! This one is a sumptuous mishmash of marinated and shredded chicken on top of Mexican rice, lettuce, refried beans, salsa, cheddar cheese, and once again, their best sauces. Seriously, you can and you should only expect the best from La Frontera!

Spiced Brownie, Tres Leches Cake, Classic Brownie, and Black Sambo

From savories, let’s now jump onto La Frontera’s sweet offerings. First up was their Tres Leches Cake which is a milky and decadent cake that is topped with dehydrated strawberries. Following that were two of their Brownies: their Classic Brownie is a cakey confection that has a rich chocolate flavor while their Spiced Brownie is going to be your favorite chocolate brownie with that delightful kick of heat in it. 

The third and last sweet ender we had at La Frontera was none other than their Black Sambo which is a two-layered gelatin—one layer of creamy milk and another of cocoa chocolate, all topped with chocolate syrup. Talk about a chocolate indulgence like no other, right?

Houseblend Iced Tea

Capping this all off, we were also able to try out two of La Frontera’s refreshing thirst quenchers. One is their Horchata which is a delectable glass of sweetened Mexican milk made and extracted from rice, almond milk, and cinnamon; while the other is their Houseblend Iced Tea which is a glass of sweet iced tea with citrus fruits, adding a yummy zing to its overall charm.

La Frontera

La Frontera really went all out and you should definitely not miss out on them. Know more about La Frontera and all the scrumptious offerings they have by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

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