Complete your work from home setup with Wok from Home!

We have all been at it for seven months now, huh? Who would have thought that this year would turn out as this? No one. We were all very excited for what 2020 has in store for us and so, ladies and gentlemen, guess what, it is indeed a surprise! We were all very surprised and all we could do right now is adjust and adapt to our current situation, because we really do not have a choice at all. However, we sure are still making the most out of our current situation and that, everyone, is something we should be applauding ourselves for.

The sudden shift from having to go outside without the looming fear of catching a deadly virus to trying our best to stay at our homes not only for our own safety, but also for the well-being of others is indeed a tough job, but that’s where we are now and who knows how long we are going to be here, right? That being said, schooling and working are both being done from home – if you are one of the fortunate ones – much like everything that can be done at home is done at home. Eating out is not really that much of an option, so having our cravings delivered is now part of the new normal that is our lives, so say hello to Wok from Home.

Wok from Home is a Chinese Food Delivery Restaurant that not only serves authentic and affordable Chinese dishes, but also makes sure that it get delivered to you fresh and delicious! From dumplings to viands to rice meals, name it and Wok from Home most probably has it.

Their Wok Jumbo Siomai (Medium Php 150 | Large Php 298) is an easy favorite as this one comes in both Pork and Chicken and can be enjoyed as is like a snack or turn it into a full meal by pairing it with rice. Either way, this one is a promise of a good time!

Following that is none other than one of Wok from Home’s bestselling dish which is their King Szechuan Chicken (Medium Php 210 | Large Php 350). This one sure is as mouthwatering and as savory as their other chicken options like their Ahma’s Chicken Chinese Adobo (Medium Php 210 | Large Php 350) and their Chef’s Chicken Curry (Medium Php 210 | Large Php 350). These yummies are also a wonderful pairing to rice, but the King Szechuan Chicken is already up for grabs as rice toppings.

Speaking of rice, Wok from Home has Chef’s Yang Chow (Medium Php 155 | Large Php 250) which comes in Pork or Chicken, too. Other than that, their bestselling Chef’s Yang Chow Chinese Longganisa (Medium Php 155 | Large Php 250) is also available.

Wok from Home has a lot of other dishes to offer, do check out their Facebook and Instagram Pages to find out more. To order, you can drop them a message or reach them via their number which is 0961-083-8718.

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