Courtyard @ 453 is your leveled up food park ready to take you out into a delectable travel experience in every mouthful

With the idea of bringing people to a place where they can do so much more than just bond, but also enjoy unique and yummy flavors over casual chats and deep meaningful conversations while making precious memories to look back on, Courtyard @ 453 is a level up of the typical food park as this one has servers around and is fully air-conditioned as well.

Highlighting five food concepts plus one beverage stall starring different cuisines and whatnot, Courtyard @ 453 can accommodate up to 130 hungry and hangry folks ready to devour, drink, and have a good time.

Started just last August of 2018, each food concept here in Courtyard @ 453 is owned and handled by families because they believe that families handling business do not only bond together over it, but give their customers excellent service and exquisite experience as well.

First up is the Pops ‘n Pebs Home Style Foods which is a father-daughter tandem and is of Spanish-Filipino cuisine giving its diners a taste of tradition and home as this food concept has dishes that will truly hit not only the Filipino palates, but also hearts.

Kare-Kare Oxtail
Lechon Tinupig Manok
Fresh Corned Beef
Lengua Sevillana

The Kare-Kare Oxtail has that nutty taste to it and the bagoong enhances its flavor even more; while the Lechon Tinupig Manok is grilled and has that smoky and sweet taste to it that is reminiscent of the Filipino delicacy called tupig; the Fresh Corned Beef is one of the Pops’ recipes that is a delight in every bite as the meat is tender and the soup is flavorful; and lastly, the Lengua Sevillana is a favorite as the meat was succulent and the dish itself is just splendid.

After Pops ‘n Pebs Home Style Foods, head onto LIF meaning #LifeIsFantastic, a hubby-wifey tandem food concept which is actually inspired from their kids Luke, Ibela, and Fiana. LIF is more of the Western cuisine so if you are down for some meaty carbs dish, then this one is your soulmate!

Cold Cheese Pizza
Spam Chips

The Cold Cheese Pizza is of wheat dough slathered with pizza sauce, and topped with cheese bits that are slightly melted; the Spam Chips is a twist on your tender spam meat as this one is thin cut and is a crispy, tasty adventure; while for their burgers, the Chakalak which is a spicy crispy chicken burger is served with potato chips; and the Our Burg is their classic burger that has everything you want and need, especially the tender beef patty.

Follow LIF with EBI10 which is known for its delightful and filling Japanese dishes that are pocket friendly. EBI10 is such a hip Japanese food concept here in Courtyard @ 453 which is sure to satisfy the cravings of many for the wonderful flavors of Japan!

Salmon Aburi
Jumbo Prawn Tempura
Spicy Tuna Maki

The Salmon Aburi which is an order of delicious torched salmon; the Jumbo Prawn Tempura which has a crispy exterior and plump, fresh prawn inside, the Spicy Tuna Maki which is a fun-filled, yummy exploration with a bit of spice for the palate, and the Chahan is such a tasty rice bowl are just some of EBI10’s dishes that would make you come back for more.

From EBI10 that is of the Japanese cuisine, fly to Tra Vinh Express which is of the Vietnamese cuisine, giving the spotlight to authentic Vietnamese noodles, actually making it the #1 Vietnamese restaurant in Metro Manila by Zomato Best of 2016 to 2017.

Pomelo Prawn Salad
Fresh Spring Roll Special
Vietnamese Iced Coffee
Vietnamese Iced Tea

The Pomelo Prawn Salad is light and refreshing with a bite of sweetness and spiciness into it. Next is the Fresh Spring Roll Special which is a serving of veggie crunch with its sauce topped with fried garlic bits. For their famed Vietnamese noodles, try out the Tra Vinh Special Noodles Soup, the Beef Combination Noodles Soup, and the Spicy Combination Noodle Soup that is filled with different kinds of meat that makes each and every noodle dish the best it can be. For drinks, must-tries are the Vietnamese Iced Coffee that is aromatic and loved by coffee lovers, surely, and the Vietnamese Iced Tea which is more than just enlivening in every sip.

And of course, after having Filipino dishes, Western flavors, Japanese wonders, and a taste of Vietnamese cuisine, the fifth food concept here in Courtyard @ 453 is The Silver Dragon which offers the diners a variance of Chinese cuisine.

Xia Long Bao
Special Taiwan Beef Noodles Soup with Tendon
Silver Dragon Chicken
Fresh Lumpia which comes in wrapped and/or hubad

Keeping it authentic and great-tasting, The Silver Dragon has Xia Long Bao, Hakaw, Fresh Lumpia which comes in wrapped and/or hubad, Special Taiwan Beef Noodles Soup with Tendon which is made with freshly hand-made noodles, and Silver Dragon Chicken which is crispy, tender, and rubbed in sweet sauce – all of which will give your palate and you an experience of the splendid flavors of China.

Lastly, after having a mouthful of different dishes from the five food concepts here in Courtyard @ 453, grab your drinks at the charming stall in the center of it all, the Beverages: Beverage Center by CCB Food & Beverage Inc is serving milkteas, milkshakes, and any alcoholic needs from beers to wines.

Wintermelon Milktea Shake
Mango Graham Shake
Lychee Lemonade

From here, the Wintermelon Milktea Shake, the Mango Graham Shake, and the Lychee Lemonade are just some of the drinks you should definitely get a hold of and start sipping on! They also have a promo that is of Unlimited Sangria for Php 499, Monday to Wednesday, from 5PM to 9PM.

Courtyard @ 453 has a commissary of their own which is on the second floor of their space. There, they make their dimsum and noodles which is such a plus as you are sure to get an experience of that authentic Asian dining feast.

Other than that, they also have a function room that can accommodate up to forty people, free of charge, no consumable, use of aircon is included, perfect for mini events such a birthdays, gender reveals, and even meetings, and which the space can be decorated in any way people like to – just be sure to reserve it ahead of time.

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Address: 453, 1500 P. Guevarra St, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 11AM to 11PM

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