Cozy up in Iloilo with Original, Special Batchoy by Netong’s Restaurant

When in Iloilo, do not make the mistake of not trying out Batchoy. That is one of the many dishes they are known for. Many are claiming of the first batchoy recipe, but it is hard to keep track and actually prove who invented it, and so with Netong’s Restaurant, they claim to be one of the firsts because really, they have been in the batchoy scene since 1948.

Netong’s Restaurant is now being handled by the third generation of their family ever since it has started and with that comes the passing along of the Batchoy recipe that have made them into what they are now. They have not change it from the start, so you sure are getting what people in 1948 enjoyed and loved as well.

Super (Php 105) | Extra (Php 125) | Mega (Php 145)

As Netong’s Restaurant is definitely a pride of Iloilo and is a home of the original special la paz batchoy, they have expanded their batchoy offering with different sizes and different varieties. You can have a fill of their famous Batchoy in Super (Php 105) which is of liver and pork, in Extra (Php 125) which is of liver, pork, and beef, or in Mega (Php 145) which is of liver, prok, beef, and more.

From Super you will be getting a decent sized bowl of batchoy goodness, while for Extra, you will be getting a bigger one, and if your appetite demands to have more, you certainly should go for their Mega.

They also have an All Beef option which you can delight in for only just Php 125. Besides that you can customize your batchoy noodles to your liking as well – they have Misua, Bihon, Sotanghon, and Miki. Whatever kind of noodle variant they have you desire to slurp, you can go for it!

Alongside that you can add some Bread (Php 10), Egg (Php 10), or even Rice (php 25) to make your meal even heavier and filling than it already is.

Linaga (Php 80)
Pata (Php 80)
Dinuguan (Php 80) with Puto (Php 20)

Netong’s Restaurant has really gone a long way. They may have started with making people happy and satisfied with batchoy, but now they also have other specialties and add ons you can reach for such as Linaga (Php 80) which undeniably flavorful and is of tender meat, Pata (Php 80) which is absolutely a favorite of many, and Dinuguan (Php 80) which goes really well with their offering of Puto (Php 20) as well.

Obviously, Netong’s Restaurant is no longer a small kiosk on the sidewalk, but they still do have their first ever branch at La Paz Market wherein you will really be able to see how your batchoy is being made. Your humble beginning can really surprise you in time as long as you have perseverance in what you do just like how Netong’s Restaurant thrived in their recipe of La Paz Batchoy that almost everyone in Iloilo loves.

Now, with Netong’s Restaurant being open here at Atria, they now have expanded their services as they have an inhouse delivery as well, so if you are feeling a bit lazy getting up from your bed, you can just give them a ring and you will soon have your bowl of batchoy or whatever offering they have you want in time.

Lastly, Netong’s Restaurant is also now accepting reservations as they have a function room you can avail for three hours great for private get togethers you would want to not only be remembered, but cherished as well by people dear to you.

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Featured Branch: Netong’s Restaurant, Atria Ayala, Iloilo City

Address: Unit 10 & 11, Shops at Atria Ayala, Donato Pison Ave, Brgy. San Rafael Mandurriao, Iloilo City, 5000 Iloilo

Contact Number: (033) 501 6335

Hours of Operation: 8AM to 10PM

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