CRU Steakhouse gives you a meal time to remember forever with your special someone

Going on a first date? Planning an anniversary surprise for a loved one? Or do you just want to make someone feel they are special to you? Stop worrying because here is the answer to all your wishes to the universe and to all your prayers to the skies: CRU Steakhouse of Manila Marriott.

CRU Steakhouse may be identified as the carving station of Manila Marriot, but the catch is, it is not only a station as this one is a full blown operating restaurant inside the ever-gorgeous hotel, Manila Marriott.

With a sophisticated interior and dim lighting to set you in the mood, CRU Steakhouse will truly have your breaths taken the moment you step in.

Start out with a jaw-dropping appetizer of theirs, the CRU Appetizer Sampler – Signature (Php 990). This one comes with 9 CRU starters in one board, including 3 soups: onion, mushroom, chicken, and sausage gumbo; and 6 bite-size entrees: scallops, chicken wings, yellow fin tuna, beef carpaccio, crab cake, and goose liver.

After enjoying the CRU Appetizer Sampler, be the rush your date is looking for and order from CRU Steakhouse’s Grill to Thrill selection. Their US Certified Angus Beef Prime Rib Steak 900g (Php 6100) is a huge chunk of meat, carved tableside, that comes with your choice of 5 CRU side dishes, and 2 sauces which are roasted peppercorn and béarnaise.

For the five CRU side dishes, what we have chosen are the Truffle Risotto (Php 190), the Steamed Broccoli (Php 190), the Whipped Potatoes (Php 190), the Twice Baked Cheddar Cheese Potato (Php 190), and the Grilled Asparagus (Php 190). Each and every chosen side dish of ours has elevated the totality of this meal, so try these ones as well or you can choose your own, too.

And of course, to really get your point across to your special someone, be sure to not skip on dessert because there is nothing sweeter than a sweet kiss to end the meal. Try going for their Mango and Guava Fruit Cheesecake (Php 450) which is a delectable plate of cheesecake, oat and honey crumble, guava fruit compote, mango compressed, mango gel, guava gel, alongside mango and guava fruit sorbet.

Spending time with the people you love is really one way to tell them they are special to you, but also treating them to a lovely eat out will probably make them feel even more special than they feel about you, especially when you bring them here at CRU Steakhouse where everything is just sumptuous – from the tiny bit of every detail to the whole of it, so do not think twice and just have fun here and keep your cherished moment forever.

CRU STEAKHOUSE is located at Manila Marriott Hotel in Resorts World Manila.

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