Culasa: A Hidden Gem in the Big City.

If you’re the kind of person who simply can’t complete her meal without the dessert,  then you simply must try Culasa Bakeshop and Restaurant.  

From it’s name, one will think that it’s an unsophisticated and a very suburban like restaurant that you won’t expect to be sitting in a very commercial city of Makati.  

But the moment that you step inside their quaint little Resto, you will find yourself astonished on how such a place exist without being known to most people in the city.  

 Their place of business is so full of colors and life, one can take a page or two from the designer of the Resto.  Simple, nothing lavish and yet seemingly attractive.  

Upon entering the place, you will be greeted by their most unique chandelier.


When you find yourself a seat, you won’t fail to notice all the colorful decorations on the wall.  The creativity is undeniably overflowing.  They certainly didn’t chose all those fancy decors or expensive furniture to lure customers.  But instead they chose to cultivate their home grown talents.



After you’re done with gazing over the wall and all it’s glory.  You will now have a hard time choosing what you want to try first on their menu.  Whether it’s their dessert or their different courses.  But since I’m not really that hungry and the inner child on me has completely taken control, I chose to check out their dessert first.


My camera wasn’t able to capture all the choices and varieties laid out in front of me. But I was really confused on which one to choose.  Since it was my first time, I decided to pick the safe side, the most common flavor among the cupcakes.  The red velvet and chocolate ones.

The cupcakes are presented in a no-frills kind of way.  No elaborate designed topping but only straightforward frosting.   

So I decided to take a bite of their frosting first, mainly to compare it with all those other famous cupcakes within the metro.  And I was indeed, impressed!  At the top of your head, you will then remember the saying “do not judge a book by it’s cover”. Because mainly, despite the simplicity of how it looks, the taste is simply amazing.  

The frosting is not so sugary but instead it’s sweetness is of just right amount.  You will most certainly taste not the sugar but the goodness of cream cheese, which I find very satisfying.  After all, I do not eat dessert just to simply eat plain sugar.  

Then, I tried the fluffy cake underneath the frosting.  At first I thought I was just eating a normal cake with it’s normal taste but as I was finishing my second bite, that’s when I noticed that it’s not just a typical kind of cake.  It’s flavor and taste is nowhere near bland.  It’s taste is exquisitely defined by it’s amazing flavor.

If it’s the red velvet that you’re eating, you will most definitely taste the velvety flavor of the cake.  It’s so amazingly delicious and flavorful.  On the other hand, if you’re gorging on the chocolate one, you won’t escape the mouth-watering taste of the chocolate on your mouth.  

Because of my amazing experience with the cupcakes, I was hoping I will get to try their dishes as well.  But I realized I was so full, I can barely stand from my table.  

So I left the place, promising myself that I would soon come back to try their main courses the next time.  

For those who wants to try out this place, you may check them out at the address below.

Culasa Bakeshop and Restaurant: 

Address: Ground Floor, Dian Place, 1720 Dian St, Makati, Metro Manila
Contact Number: 02 4252360
Store Hours: 7AM to Midnight



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