Dad’s Belly Roast: The whole family could love this all up, for sure!

Lechon Belly has been a popular fiesta food among Pinoys ever since. This sinful yet very rewarding food is often seen on parties and get-togethers as a way to make loved ones bond more.

With that, families and friends enjoy digging into Lechon Belly from time to time, even giving themselves a cheat day on their diet. And if you are looking for a Lechon Belly that is flavorful, tender, stuffed with spices and aromatics, and is slow-roasted in traditional charcoal pit, then boy, do we have something for you!

Dad’s Belly Roast is exactly what you are looking for as it is not your typical lechon belly. Their recipe is unique and is sure to have you hooked with even just getting a whiff of their dish!

Their Original Dad’s Belly are available in Small (Good for 4 to 6 people Php 1600), Medium (Good for 8 to 10 people Php 2300), and Large (Good for 12 to 15 Php 3500) which is great for when you have a big family to satisfy as well as some big appetite to fill.

You can also play up their Lechon Belly by going for their Spicy option. Just add Php 300 to your choice of size and love it all up.

To drool over Dad’s Belly Roast, just visit their Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also check their posts and highlights for more information regarding their offerings and when you want to finally order.

Also, here’s their Menu:

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