Dance under the moonlight at BE GRAND Bohol’s roofdeck bar, Lune!

Are you one of those people who love looking at the sky, especially at night? Adoring how majestic the moon is? Perhaps you enjoy counting the stars or tracing some constellation? Or maybe you love watching the sunset and waiting for the whole sky to turn pink or orange? If any of those is your thing, boy, we got a treat for you at Be Grand Resort Bohol!

If those above are too movie-like for you, well, maybe drinks and barchows would do the trick for you, huh? Come on, don’t deny it, we know we finally got you and you are probably asking yourself why did we start with some kind of a romantic opening! Sorry about that, we just want to paint a picture for you! Anyway, don’t get mad now because we present you Lune, Be Grand Resort Bohol’s roofdeck bar – open for their stay-in guests as well as walk ins.

Here you could indulge in not just simple bar chows, but indeed sumptuous food options that are a great pair to any chosen drink you would go for. First up is their Quesadilla (Php 350) which is a plate of tortilla slices stuffed with shrimp, cheese, and corn with spicy tomato and mango salsa on the side.

For a succulent turn of events, do not hesitate and dig into their Gambas Al Ajillo (Php 550) which is a serving of peeled shrimps seasoned with paprika, sautéed in garlic, butter, and olive oil. What we loved about this dish is that the shrimps itself is juicy and flavorful and not at all bland and dry.

Another dish we got to try was their Callos (Php 350) which is of stewed beef skin and tripe with chickpeas and chorizo, served with freshly baked soft bread. We absolutely enjoyed dipping the bread into it giving our palate a texture-filled adventure.

And finally, our favourite when it comes to the savories we got to have here at Lune – the Lengua Estofado (Php 620)! This one is of braised tender beef tongue in garlic demi glace and mushroom sauce, topped with fresh parsley and button mushrooms, and is served with freshly baked soft bread, too.

Of course, Lune gave us a sweet kiss to top this all off and that is none other than their Canonigo (Php 320) which is a slice of soft, fluffy meringue, smothered with caramel syrup and silky custard sauce. Plus, this one is served with slices of seasonal fruits.

As we have mentioned, Lune is Be Grand Resort Bohol’s roofdeck bar, so of course, we paired all this with a delectable drink that has made our night even more so delightful and fun. The Aissa’s Sunset Cooler (Php 200) is a yummy mix of vodka, soda water, crème de banana, and lemon grass.

With Lune, you really would be able to take everything in easily as the breeze seems to lull you to a fun relaxation all the while hearing the waves together with the music they are playing. You could also dance under the moonlight if you feel like it!

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Address: Be Resorts Drive, Brgy. Danao, Panglao, Bohol

Contact Number: (038) 412 9000

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  1. Having food under the open sky makes a really good combination along with the good food you love to taste. The environment under the sky makes it a wonderful scene to look around while having food. Thank you for sharing this article with us. Keep sharing.

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