Day of the Dead is dull and boring? Almacen says otherwise!

Whoever said the Day of the Dead is all dull and boring clearly doesn’t know what they are saying because this new bar in Poblacion is nothing short of colorful and popping by having little bits of fun in every corner.

It just might be the funkiest crossover between the land of the dead and the land of the living. If you are familiar with the movie Coco which was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures, then you will probably get a good picture of how the interiors are. That being said, Almacen actually took inspiration from Dia de los Muertos aka Day of the Dead for their interiors, hence the Coco feels we got in regards to its style.

“Almacen” meaning warehouse is your new after-work bar wherein you can release all the bad juju you have been hurdling for quite some time and turn it into a colorful shebang of good music and good company until the wee hours of the morning after.

But then, it is not only about the good music and good company or even the colorful and bright interiors they have that would have your jaws dropping and your eyes feasting, because Almacen takes your classic Pinoy snacks up a notch by giving it a groovy Mexican twist!

Wanting to have a place where people can have fun and actually be happy while having a drink in one hand and food in the other, Almacen has chosen Mexican food to be the one they are offering because it exudes warmth, messiness, but all in all, absolute fun.

Beef Taco (Php 150)
Chicken Taco (Php 150)

With that, grab yourself some of their soft tacos such as their Beef Taco (Php 150) and their Chicken Taco (Php 150), especially when you feel like you are falling apart, because tacos fall apart yet we still love them, right?

Chicken Quesadilla (Php 250)
Beef Quesadilla (Php 250)

After having a spec-taco-lar time with tacos, go for their quesadillas. With thin crusts and generous filling, you will never go wrong with either their Beef Quesadilla (Php 250) or their Chicken Quesadilla (Php 250)… or maybe even both.

Chicken Tacompanada (Php 150)
Beef Tacompanada (Php 150)

Next to those is the lovechild of empanadas and taco which they call Tacompanada! You are so going to love their Chicken Tacompanada (Php 150) and their Beef Tacompanada (Php 150). It is such an easy eat that you will be drooling over and over until you get to have more.

And now, you might be wondering as to what the heck are we talking about when we said Pinoy snacks getting a Mexican makeover, right? Well, no need to wonder because by that we meant their Street Nachos!

Tortillos (Solo Php 100 | Duo Php 150)
Tortillos (Solo Php 100 | Duo Php 150)

Almacen will have your mouths watering with their Tortillos (Solo Php 100 | Duo Php 150) and their Mr. Chips (Solo Php 100 | Duo Php 150) munchies topped with your classic nachos toppings such as ground meat, salsa, and a whole lot of cheese.

Almacen Party Nachos (Php 350)

Aside from those chips turned nachos nomnoms, they also got Almacen Party Nachos (Php 350) which is great for sharing as this one could be loved up by three to four people, depending on how huge your appetite or how much of a kung fu master – kung fumulutan master – you or your pals can be.

Hot Cheetos Fries (Php 250)
Hot Cheetos Corn Elote (Php 150)

For more chips yumminess, you are so going to adore their Hot Cheetos Fries (Php 250) and their Hot Cheetos Corn Elote (Php 150)! We do not know if you can tell, but both have Hot Cheetos in them so you get to delight in some crunch goodness with a hint of spice in every mouthful.

The flavors of the food Almacen has goes really great with their drinks such as tequila, beers, and of course, shots, so you get to party longer as they get to carb it up for you. Soon, they will be adding more into their menu, but rest assured that whatever it is they will be releasing, it would still be easy to hold for you to have more fun snippets to remember… or not!

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Address: 5910 Matilde, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0977 291 1920

Hours of Operation: Mondays and Tuesdays, 6PM to 2AM, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 6PM to 3AM, Fridays and Saturdays, 6PM to 4AM, Closed on Sundays

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