Delectable Pleasures by Moonleaf Tea Shop

We have always been about good vibes, but have you ever heard about good vibes in a cup? Well, that’s what Moonleaf Tea Shop is all about. They have been in the bev scene for years now and surely they have established their spot in the hearts of their loyal customers, even more so now that they continue to grow as they continue to give out new drinks from time to time.

Moonleaf Tea Shop is all about authenticity alongside quality when it comes to their drinks. Especially as they are also passionate about sourcing only the finest leaves, brewing them into perfection, and steeping them with great care, all before mixing them, and serving them with love and smile.

With that, this Holiday season, Moonleaf Tea Shop has released their Delectable Pleasures line which is consisted of three yummy variants that sure would make you feel that much-craved spirit of Christmas, especially as our country really is big when it comes to this yearly celebration. Their Delectable Pleasures line is available until supplies last, so you better grab these as soon as you can, because you never know when it will last, really!

First up is our favourite which is their Roasted Almond Choco Cheese Cloud! This chocorrific drink is surely terrific. It is not that sweet, plus we love how it is cheesy at the same time. Another milktea variant from their Delectable Pleasures line is the Tiger Moon Matcha, which no doubt will be loved by matcha lovers. Enjoy every sip of this because you and this drink are a matcha made in heaven, we are telling you!

Lastly, if you are leaning more into frappe, then do not wallow in distress, because you can totally go for their Salted Caramel Pretzel Slush. This one was an easy love, too, especially as we are fans of salted caramel as well, plus the crushed pretzels are an added delectable bonus we adored.

Moonleaf Tea Shop really takes their promise of bringing good vibes seriously as their essence of good vibes does not only mean mere enjoyment, but genuine happiness that is inculcated in every lifestyle of the neighbourhoods they belong to. And as they continue to build communities through authentic tea experience which they offer, you better not miss out on this Delectable Pleasures line of theirs this Holiday Season. You can absolutely take pleasure in each drink for only Php 149, being each one is of 22oz.

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