Delight in nothing but sweetness with Desserts & Pastries by Hizon

There’s something about desserts and pastries that make people happy, don’t they? Maybe it’s the sweetness, the softness, or the drool-worthy scent that makes people close their eyes as they get a whiff of it, but there really is something about freshly baked treats and sweet goodies that make people crave for it.

As that is the case, if you feel like you relate to those people, then you better get ready, because Desserts & Pastries by Hizon is where you will find yourself basking in the deliciousness of each delightful treat. Being a home to baked goodies, sweets, desserts, and everything in between, Desserts & Pastries by Hizon have made a lot of people happy for some time now, and so this time, it’s your turn!

Their Corazon’s Ube Decadence (Php 180) is a milky and creamy flan topped with the famous Pinoy dessert, the ube! This one is such a silky journey you would want to go for another round of.

Speaking of something creamy, their Cream Puffs has gotten a lot of praises as this one comes in a variance of addicting flavors which you can mostly taste in one box. Their Assorted Flavor (Php 220) option is a box 6 delectable Cream Puffs namely Reese, Milo, Nutty Choco, Classic, Coffee Almond, and Cookies n’ Cream!

Meanwhile if you are on to call dibs on anything cheesecake, then today is yoir lucky day, because Desserts & Pastries by Hizon has a bunch! You can maybe start with one of their regular flavored ones, their Dulce de Leche Cheesecake (4 × 4, 300 grams Php 180) is easy to love, especially if you enjoy something milky and cheesy at the same time.

Next to that you can move onto their premium flavored ones such as their Strawberry Choco Cheesecake (4 × 4, 300 grams Php 240) as well as their Meiji Apollo Strawberry Cheesecake (4 × 4, 300 grams Php 220). These ones are undeniably a crowd favorite, because who can really resist a strawberry and chocolate kind of combination, right?

Desserts & Pastries by Hizon has so many sweet treats for you to enjoy, delight in, and even indulge yourself with! Seriously, they have a lot and you are indeed missing out on it if you don’t check them out. Would you rather say no to their Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream? No, right? So what else are you waiting for? Go on and visit their Facebook and Instagram Pages for more information.

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