Deliziosa PH by Princess Akeem: Special Deli for a Wealthy Mood

The Holidays are over and if you are wondering how we celebrateed it, then let us tell you that we made sure to end it on a sweet note, because no matter how some of our days were salty and a few were bitter, we still want to be grateful for all those days. After all, without those days, we won’t be here today. That said, of course, we did not forget about having Deliziosa for the nth time!

Deliziosa PH by Princess Akeem has always been one of those dependable food brands that we got to enjoy more than once throughout the past year. By dependable we mean not once did they disappoint us; on top of that, they surely have satisfied our cravings through and through. With Deliziosa PH by Princess Akeem, we were able to close 2021 with a bang, specifically with a sweet and blissful bang!

If you have been with us or you have had Deliziosa PH by Princess Akeem, you probably know by now that they are all about having you drool over mouthwatering sweet treats. But wait, their sweet treats are not just any sweet treats that you could get anywhere as they are Filipino classics made to satisfy the incredibly huge sweet tooth that Filipinos have.

Filipinos are undenibaly cray-craay for sweets, that’s why Deliziosa PH by Princess Akeem is definitely a favorite of many here in the Philippines. Their Inutak as well as their Black Kutsinta are undeniably a go-to of many, regardless if they want to start their day with it or they want to end their meals with it. Seriously, you will never go wrong with Deliziosa PH by Princess Akeem!

Their Special Inutak (Small Php 150 | Medium Php 250 | Large Php 550) is something that you will not be able to resist! This lovely malagkit will have you wanting to sink your teeth into it the moment you get your hands on it. That’s how much you are going to crave for this!

Meanwhile, their Black Kutsinta (Tub Php 210 | Bilao Php 500) is flavored with molasses that is why this goodie is such an indulgence. Aside from that, this one comes with a Special Yema dip and believe us, this just makes the whole experience of eating it more satisfying. Yum!

Deliziosa PH by Princess Akeem has continued to wow us again and again so it just made sense for us to end 2021 and start 2022 with them! If you have not tasted any of their delicacies yet, then do know that it is never too late to have them.

To know more about them and their products, you can definitely check them out on their Facebook and Instagram Pages. You can also visit their Website to order or even read more about them.

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