Demet Pares: Revolutionizing the Pares Scene with their Interpretation of Kanto/Kariton Style Pares!

We don’t know about you guys, but we are all for Pares, especially the Kanto/Kariton style! We grew up enjoying that from time to time so this streetfood is really close to our hearts. It hits home, so to speak.

Don’t get us wrong, we love Pares Retiro too, but it’s not all the time that we get to be in Retiro, so the Kanto/Kariton Style Pares is something we consider closer to us; and we know it’s not just us. We know a lot of people are also fans of the Kanto/Kariton Style Pares, because as we have said, aside from this one is more accessible to people, it won’t burn a hole in their pockets too while leaving them full and satisfied at the same time.

With that, ever since we found ourselves staying home more than we used to, we also found ourselves craving for the Kanto/Kariton Style Pares. Good thing we found out about Demet Pares!

Demet Pares is a store dedicated in establishing Kanto/Kariton Style Pares for people from different walks of life. They hope to put the spotlight onto the Kariton vendors by encouraging everyone to support them while also discovering the gem that is their Kanto/Kariton Style Pares!

Demet Pares has a fairly straightforward menu as they currently have two dishes up for grabs and some add-ons to make the experience even more delicious! Their Kariton Pares with Fried Rice (Php 138) is such a classic choice to make and this one is really hard to resist, because why resist anyway, right?

On the other hand, Demet Pares also has Yaki-Pares (Php 188). This option is a hearty bowl of Kanto/Kariton Style Pares with Yakisoba noodles and soy egg! Talk about leveling up the Pares experience, right?

Meanwhile, for the add-ons or what they call “Extras”, Demet Pares offers Fried Rice (Php 25) as well as Soy Egg (Php 50) for a more fulfilling meal time. These are great as we have some huge appetite, for sure.

Demet Pares is committed to providing not only quality, but also, great customer experience by bringing the Kanto/Kariton Style Pares that we and they, themselves, love at everyone’s table. Find out more about Demet Pares and the wonders they are creating in their kitchen by visiting their Facebook and Instagram.

For inquiries or orders, Demet Pares’ inbox is always open. They are also available on GrabFood and foodpanda.

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