Dinuguan is not the only best thing Santiago Filipino Restaurant has and it is for you to find out, taste, and eat all up

Katipunan is a really hip and elegant place that is filled with different dining concepts that don’t get much exposure as you would think, but that doesn’t mean people don’t know about it, because believe us when we say, restaurants, cafes, or whatnot around Katipunan area get jampacked.

Speaking of jampacked dining spaces, if ever you find yourself in katipunan looking for a great place to have your Pinoy palate not only teased, but surely satisfied, then better head onto Santiago because this one has a menu any pinoy and pinoy at heart would really be giddy of.

Opened back in 2014 and turning 5 years this year, Santiago is actually that more sophisticated brother of the laid-back, casual restaurant, Ineng’s Special BBQ, which is another favorite of many. That being said, at Santiago, you will be delighting into more dishes close to your heart while enjoying your downtime in a stylish venue with a homey, friendly ambiance.

As Santiago actually opens real early in the morning and has gotten a crowd of early morning runners and breakfast enthusiasts, their coffee and breads that they bake in their own commissary are all a must-try, just like their Cappuccino (Php 105) with Pandesal (Php 12 per piece).

Next to that, for a more hint of sweetness and savor to add to your life, order up their Puto at Dinuguan (Php 275) which is a filling and delectable serving of steamed rice cake classically paired with thick pork blood stew.

Realizing you want more of their Dinuguan? Well, there is no surprise there as Santiago is the home of the best Dinuguan you will probably have a fill of. Santiago Dinuguan (Php 387) is of soft cuts of pork liempo and liver in a thick pork blood stew.

Another meaty dish, specifically a porky one, is the Santiago’s Pork Asado (Php 495) which is cuts of marinated tender meat with a rich sweet and savory sauce that is no doubt enjoyable.

Follow that up with another tasty dish that would make you reach for more rice, their Batangas Caldereta (Php 459) is a dish that is made in homage to the owner’s hometown. This one is slow-cooked beef ribs, sirloin, belly, chili, pickles, and cheese, and of course, prepared with a lot of love.

After that, Santiago’s Fried Chicken (Php 345) is a drool-worthy dish as everybody undeniably loves it! This one is certainly tried and true as this one is old-fashioned Filipino fried chicken.

Other than those, Santiago also has a bunch of pasta dishes that are absolutely enjoyable such as their Carbonara (Php 299) which is of creamy white pasta with bacon and mushroom.

As Pinoys are downright just sweet people, of course you are not going to end this Santiago experience with no dessert to fill your sweet tooth. Be sure to not miss out on their Turon (Php 95) which comes with ripe banana strips and sweet jackfruit slices in crispy spring roll wrappers. This one is served either with pineapple jam or chocolate syrup – your call!

Santiago is truly a delightful wonder to any pinoy food fanatic, but that is not only that as they also have a really huge space that could cater a huge number of hungry tummies. They have three function rooms that would be great for any event you want to have – may it be a family gathering, a friendly sesh with your pals, or even productive meetings with your colleagues.

They also have a ton of other mouth-watering new and classic dishes other than the ones above just like their Binukadkad na Tilapia, Kare-Kare, Ubeng-Ube Cake, and Canonigo. You can also get some of their sumptuous goodies just like their Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mango Tartlets, Batangas Atchara, Toffee Sans Rival Cookies, and Banana Chips.

Follow Santiago Filipino Restaurant on their Social Media Pages below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kainkapekwento/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/santiagofilipinorestaurant/

Address: 202 Katipunan Ave, Project 4, Quezon City, 1800 Metro Manila

Contact Number: (02) 632 7357

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 6AM to 10PM

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