Dip and Dine with BE GRAND Bohol’s Swim Up Bar

Drinking and dining are already both fun. Throw in another fun activity into that mix and we are ecstatic; and do you have any idea what that activity we are saying is? We got no time for guessing, it’s none other than swimming! Sorry, we are just so excited to share with you our latest experience with Be Grand Resort’s very own Swim Up Bar!

Swim Up bars aren’t a new concept, but surely, it is a lot of fun! Plus, there is no denying that a hotel or a resort having one really says something. A resort or a hotel’s pool is, afterall, one of its tempting amenities, so when their pool is one of the sickest, let’s just say, it becomes their most sought after attractions.

On our getaway to Bohol, we were glad to have stayed with Be Grand Resort because indeed they made us feel grand the moment we stepped into their premises. First on our itinerary, in fact with them was to take dip into their Swim Up Bar. Their Swim Up Bar is just beside their Bridge Bar which is their poolside bar.

The menu of the Swim Up Bar actually was extracted from The Bridge Bar as there are only some items you could order if you want to enjoy the pool. The Swim Up Bar’s menu is consisted mostly of pica-pica, snacks that are of hand-held treats just like what we had – the Be Triple Decker!

Be Triple Decker (Php 790)

The Be Triple Decker (Php 790) really is worthy of its name as this one is a hefty serving of three layers of delectable butter-toasted bread with ham, grilled chicken, egg frittata, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and melted cheese. But wait, because this one is also served with freshly cooked tasty French fries for that real enjoyable munch experience. We also got to chug that all down with a glass of beer!

All this happened in the middle of the day and that was the perf time because the sun was up, but it wasn’t that harsh and the pool even helped cooled us down – as well as the beer, if we say so ourselves!

Dining in at the Swim Up Bar, you don’t have to worry of how you are going to actually hold onto your food or make a mess in the pool, because they’ll be giving it to you and you will be eating all your food on a floating food tray, so yay! We got a bright red one in the shape of a heart and we could say our experience was as lovely as that!

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