Ditch that uptight itch and go for your new bright and cheery boo, Sunday BBQ!

In the heart of Makati – its tall buildings, its honking cars, its busy streets – you will find a newly-opened bright and cheery dining spot that would lift up your downer of a mood in no time. Highlighted by a sunny yellow ambiance and refreshing garden vibes, Sunday BBQ is finally here to give you, your fam, and your friends a free, relaxed, and laid-back dining experience.

With dishes inspired from food travels around Asia, their menu is packed with roastings, noodles, dumlings, and a whole lot more Asian goodies that would travel your palate to different Asian countries like Japanese, Hongkong, Thailand, among others.

In the talks of traveling your palate to Asia, let’s start with some of Sunday BBQ’s appetizers like their Chicken Mozzarella Bao (2 pieces Php 149) and their Char Siu Taco (2 pieces Php 149) which both have some sweets notes, their Angus Beef Burger with Cheese (2 pieces Php 189) which is no surprise tender and tasty, and their Crab and Cream Cheese Fried Dumpling (5 pieces Php 159) which is a favorite of ours, especially when dipped into its homemade chili sauce.

Peking Roast Chicken Leg (Php 209)
Honey BBQ Pork (Php 209)
Crispy Pork Belly (Php 209)

After deliciously rummaging a few of their starters, of course we won’t say no to their specialty – their BBQ/Roasting Sets. These offerings of theirs are sure to wow your palate as well as your appetite because you sure will love its flavors and will fill you up real good. Their Peking Roast Chicken Leg (Php 209), their Honey BBQ Pork (Php 209), and their Crispy Pork Belly (Php 209) is a plate of yum and satisfaction as each comes with our fave type of carb which is none other than rice!

Chili Beef BiangBiang (Php 209)

Speaking of carbs, if you are not feeling like going for rice – which is a surprise, really – and wanting some slurp action, well, Sunday BBQ has some noodle dishes you really should not miss out on! One of which is their Chili Beef BiangBiang (Php 209) which is a palatable serving of flat handmade noodle that is popular in Shaanxi Province of China. This is really a punch of taste you sure would not be avoiding, but rather keep coming back to.

Japanese Custard Crème (Php 160)
Peach Crèpe Samurai (Php 140)

With appetizers, roastings, and noodles all in our tummies; it might come as a surprise that we are even ready for some sweet treats, but really it’s just a normal day, pals! We got to try some of Sunday BBQ’s desserts such as their Japanese Custard Crème (Php 160) and their Peach Crèpe Samurai (Php 140)! Both are just the right kiss of sweetness, leaving us more room for a few bevs.

Milo Dinosaur (Php 120)
Hongkong Milk Tea (Php 85)
Mangosteen Guyabano (Php 50)

After a day of munching, devouring, and slurping, of course let’s give our mouths some sipping fun as well! We totally enjoyed drinking down and finishing up a few glasses of Sunday BBQ’s drinks, namely, their Milo Dinosaur (Php 120), their Hongkong Milk Tea (Php 85), and their Mangosteen Guyabano (Php 50). Each has a unique delectable flavor that will have you swooning. You can also try out their Lemon Iced Tea or their Cucumber for an extra punch of freshness!

Serving you that chill time realness, Sunday BBQ truly will help you skip on stress and just have some time to de-stress! They definitely have so much in the works still as they have a lot of surprises to throw at you soon, so you better watch out and you better be ready, got it?

Follow Sunday BBQ on their Social Media pages below

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sundaybbqph/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sunday_bbq/

Featured Branch: Sunday BBQ – Ayala North Exchange

Address: 3rd floor, Ayala North Exchange, Makati City

Contact Number: 0998 283 0828

Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday 11AM to 9PM; Friday to Saturday 11AM to 10PM

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