Doña Lola’s invites you for a wonderful and relaxed meal time

Batangas has so many hidden gems and we do love finding them and sharing them with you guys! We surely don’t gatekeep here, you guys. 

Doña Lola’s

Anyway, two of our go-to restaurants in the Metro are Bistro Ravioli and Sunday BBQ, so when we heard that the people behind those restaurants just recently opened another concept in Batangas, we made sure to visit it when we had our Batangas getaway! Doña Lola’s is a gorgeous restaurant in Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas. It boasts a breathtaking view of the Taal Lake, refreshing ambiance, and oh-so-delicious food that are of Heritage Filipino and Spanish cuisine. 

Doña Lola’s

Offering a spacious venue that is surrounded by relaxing greeneries, diners have the options to eat indoors or outdoors. Truly, it’s so easy to adore Doña Lola’s from the get-go, but really, their food will be the reason for you falling in love with them and returning. 

Calamares Fritos

To start, we suggest going for their Calamares Fritos (Php 325). These are fried squid rings that come with a tasty aioli sauce as its dip which is wonderful and is a delight to munch on. 

Sizzling Beef Tadyang

Follow that with a few of their meaty entrees such as their Sizzling Beef Tadyang (Php 890) which is a serving of their marinated beef ribs, assorted vegetables, and gravy; as well as their Beef Kare Kare (Php 695) which is a hearty plate of beef brisket and tripe stew in peanut sauce. These two beef-starred dishes will absolutely have you hooked in a snap! 

Grilled Pork Belly Sinigang

However, if you are more of a pork kind of person, then why not go for their Grilled Pork Belly Sinigang (Php 695)? This dish is a delicious serving of grilled pork belly and stewed vegetables in fresh tamarind soup. Believe us, this one is straight up tasty and you will certainly end up satisfied by all means! 

Seafood Paella

For rice, Doña Lola’s definitely had that classic steamed white rice that we all know goes well with everything, but if you are looking for something more extra, then better reach for their Seafood Paella (Por Dos Php 925 | Por Quattro Php 1550) that is just filling, flavorful, and generously topped with shrimp, mussels, and squid. 

Seafood Pansit Luglog

Other than rice, you can carb up here at Doña Lola’s by having their Seafood Pansit Luglog (Php 335) which we promise you, is just so worth it, especially because this is undeniably a Filipino favorite! You will indeed enjoy its saucy rice noodles, alongside some shrimp, squid, and boiled egg. 

Bibingka Galapong with Kesong Puti and Salted Egg

Speaking of another Filipino favorite, Doña Lola’s has Bibingka Galapong with Kesong Puti and Salted Egg (Php 185) up in their menu. A tip? Make sure to order this for your table! This is traditional rice cake cooked in charcoal oven and is served with yummy yema sauce and shredded coconut which you can dip the bibingka in. 

Apart from their bibingka, if you want another sweet treat to tie up your whole Doña Lola’s experience, their Fat Churros (Php 325) will not disappoint! You will surely be impressed with this one as it certainly lives up to its name because this is served with five huge pieces of churros alongside warm and rich tsokolate. 

Fat Churros

Meanwhile, you can pair all these delectable dishes with some enjoyable drinks too. To feel extra revitalized, Doña Lola’s Ube Milk Shake (Glass Php 195), Mixed Fruit Shake (Glass Php 165), and Milo Dinosaur (Php 195) are the way to go. 

Doña Lola’s is only open during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 11AM to 9PM so make sure to drop by whenever you are near the area over the weekend. For more information, you can visit Doña Lola’s Facebook and Instagram.

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