Don’t just keep your cravings at bay, finish them off with Chef P’s Food Tray

Got a huge family? Want or maybe even need something that you guys could have seconds with? Have you tried going for food trays? If your answer on that last question is no, then today is the day you turn that into a yes!

Chef P’s Food Tray is a great choice for you and your family, especially if you guys do not have extra time to go out, prepare your food, and cook it. Chef P’s Food Tray offers a variance of yummy dishes that you can enjoy with your loved ones as it is served in a tray.

Recently, we have found ourselves just engrossed on things like our jobs and school works, so we tried to go for Chef P’s Food Tray and, boy, did we enjoy every spoonful of it. Chef P’s Food Tray undeniably is such a convenient way to have tummies filled and cravings satisfied, because all we have to do is wait for our orders to be delivered.

Speaking of our order, what we opted for when we tried Chef P’s Food Tray were their Chicken Tandoori with Turmeric Rice, Mango Cilantro Salsa and Garlic Sauce (Php 900) as well as their Beef Salpicao with Aligue Rice (Php 900). These were such bombs as there were sure packed with flavor plus the meats were indeed tender in every bite.

What we loved about their Chicken Tandoori with Turmeric Rice is that we got to delight in spices while balancing those out with the dippings that came with it which were Mango Cilantro Salsa and Garlic Sauce. Often times, we tried to dip our chicken in both sauces and just let our palate have a party of different yummy flavors.

Meanwhile, for their Beef Salpicao; this one actually has the options to be paired with a rice of our choice: Kimchi, Kamameshi, and Aligue; and as we have already mentioned, we decided to have it with Aligue Rice which was a great choice as both went really good together. The Beef Salpicao itself was already tasty, but pairing it with Aligue Rice made it even more delicious than it already is.

Having these two really made all our hard work worthwhile, because these served as a reward from all the efforts we are exerting all the while sharing it with people dear to us. And so, if you want to see what else you could have from Chef P’s Food Tray, do check out their Facebook and Instagram Pages now.

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