Don’t miss out being a member of this coolest club, the Kakanin Klub

Filipinos’ love for rice has gone beyond the boundaries it of being a side. It even has gone beyond as a pairing for savory viands, because rice is so versatile that in the Filipino culture, rice can also be a snack and a dessert. Yes, you read that right — rice can be a sweet treat and it is a sweet treat in the form of Kakanin.

Kakanin is a popular Filipino delicacy that is loved by many. Heavy on the belly? Check! Ready to fill the sweet tooth? Check! Fun to eat? Check! Comes in a generous serving? Check! Can be shared with loved ones? Check! Kakanin checks all the boxes of a classic Filipino meal time as a bonding moment so it has staked its claim in the hearts of many.

Enter: Kakanin Klub! Kakanin is so famous that Filipinos even have a club for it. Can you believe that? Don’t, because we are just kidding about what Kakanin Klub really is. To be honest, Kakanin Klub is a dessert shop that caters to the kakanin cravings of their clients. They have different Filipino treats up for grabs and Kakanin is a major part of it.

You have no idea what to go for, because options are overwhelming? That’s okay, because Kakanin Klub has a bilao filled with almost everything they have to offer and all you have to do is grab it.

Their Assorted Kakanin Platter (Php 590).which is a 14-inch bilao loaded with different kakanin variants is definitely a party on its own already. This one has biko, bibingka malagkit, cassava cake, kutsinta, maja blanca, pichi-pichi, puto, puto cheese, sapin-sapin, suman, and even ube de leche.

Indeed, this one is a kakanin feast just waiting to happen. Add Php 100 and you will even get a tampipi.

As this is a lot, you can of course save some for later and then reheat it if you are going to eat it again. To reheat, you can either have it microwaved or steamed — totally your call.

Kakanin Klub also has single orders ready to be snatched for when you just want a specific type of kakanin. You can check out more of their offerings on their Social Media Pages which are Facebook and Instagram.

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