Don’t miss out on Crustasia Seafood Market’s Waterway Hawker Specials!

Crustasia is one of the many restaurants that we have been to more than once already. That really is not a surprise since Crustasia is serving a lot of delicious dishes that are more than just worth a try. They really are not that new to the food scene, however they closed on 2010 for revamping their brand and finally they opened 2017 again, focusing mostly on seafood while being Asia centric, namely Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore.

Having more of a hip, vibrant, and younger feel to accommodate the ever-changing market, travel to Asia with Crustasia as their dishes are inspired by authentic Asian flavors, tweaked to the Filipino palate, so you sure to be getting what you would really enjoy and feel happy with, just like their newly launched dishes, the Waterway Hawker Specials which starts at Php 128 with free iced tea (+Php 49 for dessert / +Php 59 for milktea).

The Waterway Hawker Specials are actually budget-friendly options that would make you want to gorge down more of Crustasia’s offering. That being said, we better start eating some of their latest offering as we sure it would get you hooked in no time.

Thai Seafood Spaghetti (Php 215)

Their Thai Seafood Spaghetti (Php 215) is really something new to try out and you definitely won’t get disappointed with this one as well as with their Vegetable Mie Goreng (Php 135) which would give you that flavorful punch of spice and fun in every bite!

For more noodle dishes, better not miss out on their Mixed Seafood Laksa (Php 178) which is served hot and delicious, especially this one is of a rich, creamy soup you would indeed go deeper in, together with their slurp-worthy Pad Thai Omelette (Php 215) which has that certain lovely sweetness to eat.

To further give you an eggciting dining experience, do not hesitate to just crack the formality walls and just go comfy down with their Seafood Omelette (Php 128) which covers up a whole plate and served with a cup of oh-so-tasty rice.

And for more carb power up, the Nasi Lemak Combo (Php 215) is another dish of Crustasia’s Waterway Hawker Specials which is served with a cup of rice together with fried chicken, fried fish, and tomato for that fresh and wonderful side.

As Crustasia actually specializes in crabs, of course we are not to say no as we were served with their Roasted Garlic Crab which is really a generous serving of yummy, meaty crab, filled with some noodles, too, for that additional satisfaction and love.

Coco Mango Ais Kacang (Php 199)

Other than crabs, what people do not know much about Crustasia is that they are have exciting desserts such as their Coco Mango Ais Kacang (Php 199) which is as delectable as their Mango Sticky Rice (Php 195).

Thai Iced Tea (Php 95)

Also, to totally feel that Asian vibe going on, better pair your choice of Crustasia’s food with their Signature Drinks such as their Thai Iced Tea (Php 95) which is sweet and refreshing in every sip.

Crustasia’s Waterway Hawker Specials are exclusive in the Venice Grand Canal Mall at McKinley, but those are not the only budget-friendly options you can have, as you can also take pleasure in their offering of set meals like their Irresistible Indonesia, Tasty Thai Treasures, and Savory Singaporean Set!  

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Featured Branch: Crustasia Asian Seafood Market, Venice Grand Canal Mall

Address: Upper McKinley Rd, Taguig, 1630 Metro Manila

Contact Number: 09772306538

Hours of Operation: 12PM to 12AM

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