Double the flavor and double the fun with Chowking’s newest product, Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chicken

Are you ready for something fun? Now, you have to be ready for this one… We think you might even need a chair for our news, because this news is not just fun, but double wambam! There’s no doubt that we, Pinoys, love a burst of flavor, right? We do love that punch of savor and umami that have us making yummy noises and thinking about it even days after having it, right? Come on, don’t deny it! Also, don’t deny it when we say you have been to Chowking and it has just been so familiar to you that you just keep coming back to it as if it is your second home, because that’s how we feel about Chowking, too!

We mean, the Chinese fast food chain really has stucked in our hearts and knows our weak spot already when it comes to food – just like how chicken remains to be a popular food choice, hence, this 2020, Chowking introduces a new twist! Their Sweet ‘n’ Sour Chicken is their newest dish yet and it consists of real chicken chunks that sure are crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Not only is it that, but also the chunks are coated with a well-balanced sweet ‘n’ sour sauce that is just easy to love in every bite.

The launching of this newest product happened last February 6, Thursday in their Uptown Mall branch, where it was introduced with a grand parade and photo areas which were decorated with modern Chinese elements. Truly, this celebration of Chowking’s latest innovation was a blast of both sweet ‘n’ sour as it no doubt was enjoyed by everyone and will also be enjoyed by anyone who is on the hunt for a satisfying and at the same time delectable twist, especially as this one won’t burn a hole in the pocket with its price only being Php 79.

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