Dough not worry: Dough Creamery is serving your fave milky soft serve extra adoughrable, doughlectible, and doughlicious!

No one would be able to deny how this summer heat is such a buzz kill. The heat seems to have a some kind of power that drains all the energy from a person until that person is all bummed out for the rest of the day.

But do you know who the perfect hero would be? Come on, you know this person very well… That’s right, it is no other than Mamang Sorbetero. If you are not familiar with a sorbetero, then all you have to know is a sorbetero is the one who sells sorbetes which is ice cream.

That being said, this dessert stall, Dough Creamery, at SM North is actually inspired from the owners’ sweet childhood experience, that has been made exemplary happy for them by no other than almost everyone’s fave cold dessert, ice cream.

Dough Creamery is a homegrown brand by a group of cool guys and their SM North branch is actually the first of soon-to-be many. The twist with their ice cream offering is that instead of typical cones, what they use is bread which is just downright adoughrable!

Plus, to make their bread extra special, they flash fry it for 10 seconds for better consistency, making it have that glazed, crispy exterior while being soft inside

With that, cool down your summer with their Chocolate Spindle (Plain Php 79 | Special Php 99 | Premium Php 119) or their Ube Spindle (Plain Php 79 | Special Php 99 | Premium Php 119) that are both such delights!

The spindle is literally their bread version of a cone and believe us when we say we had a lovely time with each.

If you really want to have your ice cream sandwich experience brought to another level, then have the Blueberry Ice Dog (Plain Php 79 | Special Php 99 | Premium Php 119) and you sure will enjoy every yummy bite of it. This one has that softer texture than the spindle, but has that certain fun crisp still, so if that’s your kind of thing then go cray cray about it!

Now, everything is so sumptuous here at Dough Creamery but we won’t be able to hide our secret that our favorite is their Caramel and Apple Waffle Pop (Plain Php 79 | Special Php 99 | Premium Php 119). Waffles and ice cream are already such bombs individually, so having them together by Dough Creamery is truly a dessert heaven we always love to be in.

And of course, when you feel like you want something you can drink while you are strolling in the mall, but also want to have a fill of great-tasting ice cream, then their Cream Soda (Php 99) is your tasty buddy. This one comes in four flavors which are matcha, black currant, wildberry, and passionfruit, and it is all on you to decide which one you want to get or if you want get all of it.

Other than their Cream Sodas, if you want to have your all time fave milktea with a luscious ice cream, then Dough Creamery also has another drink for you. Their Floatea (Php 99) is sourced all the way from Taiwan so you know you’re downing a classic that has been raised up a notch.

Truly, Dough Creamery is such a luscious wonder of treats! Not only do they make great grab-and-go desserts that are perf for this season, but also you are sure to have something that has gone through thorough research and development to make sure you are getting the best of an adoughrable experience. The owners really made Dough Creamery for the Filipino taste; plus their ice cream is actually one of the owner’s recipe and we can vouch as to how it really makes the whole dessert adventure with them amazing.

Dough Creamery just opened December of 2018, meaning they are fairly new, but that won’t stop them from offering more to the public as they have things cooking in their pipeline still, so better watch out for those as well!

Dough Creamery is at North Towers, SM North and follows the mall’s hours of operation

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