Doughmain is Now at Megamall

Hooray! One of our favorite doughnut stores now has a booth at Megamall and we are just so happy about it. Undeniably, we love celebrating a win and truly, opening a physical store when you have started your business online in the middle of a pandemic is a huge win that deserves an applause. Doughmain absolutely has us wrapped in sweetness and bliss, and it is obvious that we are not the only ones. 

Doughmain Megamall

If you guys don’t remember, we have talked about the goodness and delectableness of Doughmain before—you can read all about it here. Known for their handcrafted brioche doughnuts as well as homemade treats, they surely have garnered a loyal customer base already and so it is not surprising that more people are experiencing and falling in love with them even more, especially now that they are present in a number of malls, including Megamall. 

Doughmain Megamall

Spot Doughmain at Megamall’s Building A UGF and get first dibs on your favorite brioche doughnuts freshly baked everyday! Believe it or not, Doughmain now has four decadent selections—three of them are doughnuts and one is cake. These selections are Classic Doughnuts, Doughnut Samplers, Doughnut Specials, and Doughmain Cakes. 

Doughmain Megamall

Surely, Doughmain has something for everyone so you won’t find yourself empty handed when you visit their Megamall booth. On top of their staple doughnut selections, Doughmain also came up with a limited selection for this Holiday season! Their Holiday Bundles are now up for grabs and you will certainly be delighting in yummy Christmas flavors in every bite! 

Come on and visit Doughmain at Megamall today! For more information, you can also check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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