This Is Our Doughmain: Never thought leche flan and brioche doughnut would go so well together!

Hungry? In for something sweet? Doughnut worry, because we got you some unusual, but definitely delicious doughnuts that you won’t be able to resist!

Doughmain is your dessert domain ready to serve you some homemade sweets and treats. Drool, not only over doughnuts, but over brioche doughnuts actually! Yes, Doughmain’s well-loved doughnuts are of brioche doughnuts and we cannot stress it enough how much we loved each and every flavor we got to try.

Their Filled Brioche Doughnuts (Half Dozen Php 350 | One Dozen Php 670) are a favorite of many as these are fluffy brioche doughnuts tossed in sugar and generously filled with delectable creamy custard filling. Do take note that Doughmain only puts up certain flavors for each week which you can check on their Instagram Page’s Highlights section.

If what you are craving for is something that is leaning more into a classic Filipino dessert, then Doughmain could surely still provide. Their Leche Flan Brioche Doughnuts (Original Php 420 | Ube Filled Php 480) are a must-have! Made with their original brioche doughnuts topped with creamy burnt caramel flan? Oh, our mouths are already watering just thinking about it!

Doughmain has a different yet oh-so-delicious take from the usual doughnuts that we get to see and munch, but truly, they have taken their part in our hearts. Know more about them and their products by checking out their Facebook and Instagram, or by clicking here.

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